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Support For A Vegan Diet

Think A Vegan Diet Works?  Think You Have To Be A Nutcase To Be Vegan Long term?

Here is evidence that the Vegan Diet works and you can thrive on it.

I just listened to this DurianRider Video and I thought it would be appropriate to open this post up with it.

The language isn’t all that great, but durianrider does make some excellent points about the Vegan Diet so here it is.

Top 10 Comments Vegans Get

I like how Durianrider calls Meat Eaters out on the Iron question.  Many people seem to think that Iron isn’t available in plants, or the Iron from animal flesh (Heme Iron) is superior to plant Iron.

Heme Iron might be more bioavailable but a plant based diet tends to have higher amounts of Iron, so the vegan will get what they need, provided they are eating real foods as opposed to pastries.

The good thing about plant sources of Iron is you can’t overdose on it, as you can with animal flesh iron.  Too much iron leads to a condition called haemochromatosis and it causes all kinds of serious health problems.

That’s just one of the misconceptions Durianrider exposes in the video above.

Please share your comments and criticisms of the vegan diet below.  As long as it’s relevant, all comments are welcome.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Fitbit Flex

What’s the main Fitbit competitor? Where can you buy Fitbit for the best deal and how much will it cost?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and a lot more right here on this page.

Fitbit Flex Video Review

The Fitbit Flex is a body monitor that tracks your sleep and activity; It will even wake you up in the morning if you want it to; And it does more than that.

Flex is the latest activity tracker brought to you by Fitbit. It has a sleek fashionable design and is worn as a wrist band. Some say the Flex is an upgrade from Fitbit One because you can wear it on your wrist, unlike the Fitbit ONE activity tracker, which most users carry in their pockets.

In addition to meeting the client demand for something that Fitbit’s users could easily wear, Fitbit has kept the price point reasonable at approximately $10.00 more than the ONE.

How Does Fitbit Flex Work?

The main technology Fitbit Flex and other activity trackers use is something called an accelerometer. The accelerometer tracks your movements and calculates how many calories you’ve burned, and the specific number of steps you’ve taken.

In order for the Flex to make the kinds of calculations it does, it needs to have data about you specifically. You’ll go online to your Fitbit account and enter your height, weight, age, etc., and the Flex makes it’s calculations based upon your input.

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What Can The Fitbit Flex Do?

It’s great to get information and read reviews from as many legitimate sources as you can to find out if the product your looking at is right for you. I’ve done my best to put together an unbiased review about Fitbit Flex, so you really know ahead of time what you’re about to get.

It is important to know, however, that there are a few negative reviews about Fitbit Flex circulating from people who have owned the device for a couple of days and don’t really understand it all that well.

Knowing what you can expect it to do before purchasing is will surely help you to see if Fitbit Flex is the best Activity Tracker for you.

So What Can Fit Bit Flex Do?

The main thing you can expect Fitbit Flex to do is track your running and walking steps. This is how Fitbit calculates the calories you’ve burned.

Some people have said Fitbit Flex is inaccurate at making correct calculations of your stride, and this could be attributed to 2 possible factors.

First, it’s possible that your stride length is a little different than the average of someone your height and weight. If you find this is true for you, you can re calibrate your walking and running stride in your Fitbit Account Settings.

Others have said Flex doesn’t accurately track steps or calories burned because the types of wrist movements you make during the day won’t always be accurately interpreted. Because of this some people prefer Fitbit One, which can be kept in your pocket or clipped on your body somewhere other than your wrist. This keeps it from misunderstanding some of the movements you make with your wrist.

It’s important to be aware that any activity tracker you wear on your wrist is subject to inaccurate interpretations of wrist movements, so your decision to buy Fitbit Flex or another wrist activity tracker shouldn’t be determined by this flaw specifically.

Lets look at some of the other things Fitbit Flex can do.

You can set it to wake you up in the morning at a specific time. It has a vibrating alarm; and because it’s on your wrist, it will only wake you up.

It helps to keep you motivated. There are five LED lights on the Fitbit Flex. Each light represents 20% of your goal. Once all of the lights are lit up you know you’ve achieved your goal for the day.

Your Free Fitbit Dashboard account allows you to check all of your statistics anytime you have access to your computer or compatible hand held device. Your dashboard is where you’ll set goals for yourself to increase your activity. You can set it to notify you when your reach your goal in steps, distance or calories.

Your Flex will even track how many hours you were sleeping vs how long you were in bed, not to mention how many times you woke up.

Your Flex shares your statistics wirelessly with your PC or Macintosh. It is also compatible with some android devices, and iPhone models. If buying a Flex depends on whether or not it will sync to your phone specifically, you’ll want to check Fitbit.com to make sure your device is one that’s compatible.

What Are The Most Frequent Complaints About Fitbit Flex

Over all the Fitbit Flex gets pretty good reviews compared to other Activity Trackers but there are a few common complaints you’ll find. Those are….

The Flex is a downgrade from the One because it has no Altimeter.

The Flex has No Digital Display, which some people say is less motivating to them.

The Flex has no Altimeter.

Fitbit Flex is difficult to put on. (Keep in mind, people who’ve owned the Flex for awhile say it’s easy to put on after a week or so of wearing it, when the band has broke in a bit.)

Fitbit Flex Vs Other Activity Trackers

Fitbit Activity Trackers have been on the market awhile, so they have the test of time on their side. The company’s head start on the Fitbit competition, along with the capital they’ve raised so far, have given them the ability to test their devices and work out many flaws.

But… what are some of your other options for Activity Trackers, and how does the Fitbit Flex compare to Fitbit One And Fitbit Zip?

JawBone Vs Flex

*Flex is more comfortable to where than the Nike Jawbone Up, according to some people, but the JawBone Up is easier to put into sleep mode.

*People generally say they like the motivational support system Flex uses better than JawBone Up.

Jawbone Activity Trackers

Bodymedia Core 2 Vs Fitbit Flex

*Bodymedia Core 2 can has sensors that measure things the Flex can’t but it might not be as comfortable to wear as the Flex.

*The Core 2 will measure things like skin conductance, heat flux and body temperature; Features the Flex is not equipped with.

*The Flex is smaller and lighter and seems to go virtually unnoticed by many wearers, and the Bodymedia Core 2 straps on your upper arm. This is obviously not as comfortable as the Flex for long periods of time.

Fitbit One VS Flex VS Zip

*Fitbit One has an altimeter, which some people like for calculating things like the number of steps they’ve climbed. The Flex unfortunately does not have an altimeter. The Flex has also sacrificed the display screen featured on the One, for it’s design.

*The previous being stated, the light weight wrist band design makes it easy and convenient to where your Fitbit Flex all the time.

*Some people like this feature and other’s point out that it’s a little too much, that it’s always right there where you can see it, instead of in a pocket or clipped to your clothing. One undeniable fact is, It’s a lot more difficult to lose the Fitbit Flex compared to the One.

*Fitbit Zip has a display screen and costs less than the Flex or the One. It has no Altimeter like the One and No sleep mode or alarm, like the One and Flex have.

Get A Fit Bit Flex!

Other Things You Might Like About The Flex

Before we look at Some comparisons to other Activity Trackers, lets look at a few more features and benefits of your Fitbit Flex.

It’s water resistant, so you can shower and even swim with it, but no diving; It’s not designed to go in deep water.

The Flex has a LONG battery life. Many people go 7 to 10 days before charging it again.

It’s lightweight and convenient to wear. You don’t have to take it off for almost any reason, so it’ll be right there to help keep you motivated.

Fitbit brags about the Wireless syncing capability of the Flex that won’t drain your phone’s battery.
Devices with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology synchronize with Flex in a way that doesn’t use as much battery power.

More devices with this Bluetooth technology are available all the time, and some of the devices you can be sure already sync with Bluetooth 4 are:

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Air
Apple Mac mini
Apple iPod touch
Apple iPhone 4S and 5
Blackberry Z10
ConnectBlue AB
Microsoft Surface
Motorola Droid RAZR
Samsung All In One PC 700A3D
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Most PCs With Windows 8

For the FASHION Aware Fitbit Flex offers the ability to change out your band for color versatility. In addition to Black you can get bands for your Flex in Teal, Navy and Tangerine.

Friends with Fitbit Flex can challenge each other to see who’s the most active; If you prefer not to compete, you can cheer each other on for reaching goals.

In your Fitbit Dashboard you can set up all kinds of measures to keep you motivated and see your trends. You can even set yourself up to receive badges when you reach goals you set for yourself. Hey.. If that’s what it takes to get you motivated, Why not?

There are many compatible applications that will work with your Fitbit Flex, making it possible for you to keep track of many different aspects of your activity and Even change your life. Some of the compatible online health applications are MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Lose It, SparkPeople, Endomondo, MapMyRun.

Read More Reviews About The Flex Here.

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More From Fitbit

Setting Up Your Fitbit Aria!

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Addict Breaks Silence

Drug Addict Breaks The Silence And Reveals Addiction

How To Transform Addictions And Improve Your Health At The Same Time

  1. The First Step Is To Make A Decision To Reduce The Amount Of Addictive Substances You Put Into Yourself.
  2. Second Step Is To Do Something Healthy Instead of Having More Of The Addictive Substance.
  • You know already that you are not going to feel better as a result of having the addictive substance again, so think about something you can have that makes you feel good about yourself and decide to have that instead.
  • Think of how the you feel in the morning after you feed the addiction more.
  • Now Think of how you feel after you’ve done something good for yourself.
  • You’ve got to understand that you can still have more of the addictive substance the next day, but it’s causing you pain to have more of it now.  Knowing you can still have it tomorrow, IF YOU WANT, will help you let it go today.

Do the thing that makes you feel good about yourself and contributes to your health.

Do you struggle with any addictions.  Please share your thoughts below.


So You Want To Feel And Look Better

I can certainly relate.  If I know anything about human nature, it’s that most of us desire to feel good, and look hot.


In an instant we can be inspired to make changes and for the first 24 hours or so we are excited and motivated.  It’s what happens after the novelty of deciding to make a change that sometimes keeps us stuck.

What I’ve realized over many years of experimenting on myself, is that all change is stressful, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth persevering through the stress, as there’s usually a light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s most important to understand when making changes that will ultimately make you feel better, is that you’re probably going to feel some deep emotional discomfort and it may cause you to doubt the path that you’ve decided to go down.

You may even feel like a part of you is dying.  That fact is “Part Of You Is Dying!”

The part of you that’s dying is the part that was comfortable doing whatever you were doing before, even if it wasn’t in your best interest.  What makes this more difficult is that part of you doesn’t want to die, and it’s going to tell you stories about why you’re better off continuing on doing what you were before.  It’ll even tell you you’re going to lose the good parts of yourself.

So What’s The Good News About Persevering In The Face Of Doubt?

You must know that you are not going to lose the good parts of yourself from making beneficial changes.  In fact, you’ll find that the parts of you that are authentic come to the surface more, and you’ll have more joy in your life as a result.

Once you get over the hump, you may find yourself feeling less numb, or noticing good things you noticed more in the past before you got stuck.

The best way I can describe the result of beneficial change is that it causes you to feel better overall.  It’s like you’ve got something back that you lost.

Please share your thoughts about and experiences about Self Transformation below.


What Is Being Healthy?

On my journey, I’ve learned that being healthy is about a lot more than what I eat.  It’s true that eating does play a major role in health, and it’s also true that WHAT I eat is not the only thing about EATING that matters.

It’s also important to consider how much I eat, when I eat, how frequently I eat and what foods I eat with others when it comes to Eating.

Being Healthy is about refinement.

The first refinement involves the stoping of what is hurting me.  Am I putting harmful substances into my body?  Am I beating myself up mentally all of the time? Am I sleeping only a few hours per night?

I’ve noticed great changes in my health from stopping the abuse alone.  So that’s the first thing to consider.  What are YOU doing that is hurting you?

I’ve stopped drinking coffee and using marijuana.  If I find myself putting myself down with my thoughts, I remind myself that I love myself No Matter What?

I’ve realized that loving myself No Matter What is one of the greatest things I can do for my health.  This simple reminder to myself that I am important, and loved by me, no matter what, helps me to think more clearly and make better choices for myself.

Why should you love yourself no matter what?

If you have kids, this is something that is easy to understand.  You know that no matter what your kids do or become, you are going to love them.  It’s not their choices that make you love them.  You just Love Them.  This is unconditional love.  You may be angry with your children, but you don’t stop loving them just because you are angry.

I’ve realized I have to love myself the same way.  I’ve noticed that there is a voice that wants to kill me, and from what I’ve learned about others, it seems most people know the voice I’m talking about.

That voice that is against you is never satisfied with you for more than a short period of time.  It’s as if that voice expects you to be perfect; and if you are not, it starts to tear you down.  What’s worse about what that voice expects of you is related to where those standards of perfect came from.  Where did those standards for your perfect behavior come from any way?

Some people say it’s about programming; That we’ve been programmed our whole lives to be a certain way.  But where is that programming coming from?  This makes it easier to understand why we are in pain.

We’ve got…

  • parental programming
  • religious programming
  • government programming, including the school system
  • marketing channels
  • and other media programming to start with.

What if those programming channels that are telling us how to behave are giving us contradictory messages?  What if they are in serious conflict with each other?

Thinking from this perspective, it’s easy to see how these programs can be a recipe for disaster if we don’t ever realize how much influence they have on us.

So we’ve got all these programs influencing us, that started when we first came into the world, or maybe in our mothers womb; before we had an awareness of, or any level of understanding that would allow us to critically think about anything, not to mention whether or not these programs being uploaded into our consciousness were beneficial or not.

So here we are with all of these conflicting ideas of how we should be, and at some point we find ourselves frustrated at the very least, and possibly even feeling like we are crazy.  So we turn all of this anger and frustration inwards and blame ourselves, telling ourselves we are not good enough, or that we are horrible, or a loser, or a complete idiot.

No wonder things get confusing for us.  No wonder we feel like we are going crazy sometimes.  No wonder a you can feel unhealthy, even when you are doing a number of things to be healthy.

So what’s the answer for being more healthy in terms of dealing with all of the programming we have been exposed to?

For starters, all we have to do is realize we’ve been getting all of this programming.  It’s part of the healing process to accept the reality of our condition.  So what’s the next step?

We must start to RE-PROGRAM ourselves.  We can do this by filtering the information we allow into ourselves.  We can decide to turn off the TV, or at least listen to the TV very selectively.  I like Netflix because I can see the show without the advertisements.

Here’s something interesting to think about.  I learned that the advertisements on the TV are considered the TV programming and the shows people watch are considered the filler.  I find it interesting that the Ad Content is actually called programming.  It does make sense though.

Advertisers want to program you to buy their stuff.  It’s not hard to understand and I don’t blame them for trying to do this.  In this world people need to make money and to make money a product or service has to be bought.

Right now I’m putting out my program and I’m hoping you’ll buy it.  Even if you’re not paying for what I’m writing or speaking about, I’m hoping what I’m saying is of some value to you, so you’ll spread it around and we’ll change the world for the better, and maybe I can make a living through my programs.

So programming is not necessarily a problem.  It’s critically thinking about the type of programming you want for yourself.  Does the programming set you free or imprison you?  Are you consciously programming yourself for success in your life?  Will you create your personal wellness program?

Please share you comments and criticisms below.  I Love to read them.


Why Should You Do It Now?

What’s The Motivation To Do It Now?


You may have heard the expression “Life is what’s happening while your making other plans.

Well… My life is a good example of this expression. For many years now, I’ve been planning to do this thing or that thing, and in the mean time, I’ve actually been spending my time in a way that is not necessarily leading me down the path of my plans.

Now Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s NOT good to have any plans. In fact, I’ve also heard the expression, “If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be a part of someone else’s plan.”

Now thinking about it though, both of the expressions above, although they may appear a little contradictory; One expression implying that having a plan is good, and the other, that plans are futile, they both get us thinking about what our live’s are REALLY About, and how we are spending our time.

So… Who are you and what is your life really about?

That’s one question I’ve been asking myself for a long time, and this expression I’m creating right now represents that. I’m creating this now, because everyday while I’m making plans to do this or that, I feel I’ve been neglecting, at least to some degree, what is TRULY important.

For example there are a lot of things inside of me that keep nagging at me. It’s like the core of who I am is wanting to be expressed in some way.

So why SHOULD you do IT now?

You should do it now, because there is never going to be a perfect time to do it. There is always going to be some reason or excuse to prevent you from doing what you really want to do; From finally being the person you truly are.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had this idea of how you wanted to act, or thought of something you thought was important to say, but when it was time for you to speak out or take action, you just sat there and did nothing, or acted in a way contrary to what you had desired?

That’s part of why you should do IT now. You should decide to be true to who you are and live now, instead of making plans to start living some time in the future.

Is It Easy To Be True To Yourself 100 Percent?

Certainly not for everyone, and it hasn’t been easy for me either, and that’s part of the reason I’m creating this article right now.

THIS is the Time to be who you truly are, and live the life of your dreams.

I’ve come to realize that practice is very important. The more I put myself in uncomfortable situations the easier it becomes to me.

So… Now I’m practicing the art of self expression. The art of freeing myself from the prison of my own mind. Shining the light into the darkness and unveiling what’s been hidden.

Is there a part of you that’s been hidden, that the world or the people around you need to see? Are you hiding your bright light because you are afraid of what might happen if people see it?

I can relate to you. Now I’m letting that light shine, and guess what? It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it. That’s kind of the point.

You need to let your light shine because it IS who you truly are, and that expression of yourself has further reaching implications than you or I can know in this moment.

So go ahead and do it now. Be the one you truly are while you have the chance. Do it, even though it’s scary.

The Scary Dream That Inspired Me To Express This Now

I dreamed my wife no longer wanted to be with me, and I was in exile. I was lost in some land between lands, and I was very sad.

At one point in my dream, I was floating in the sky on something that resembled some kind of flotation device, and a giant crocodile was ravenously anticipating me falling to where it waited… Like a hungry wild dog.

The crocodile was Giant, and it’s mouth was watering as it ran back and forth awaiting my fall from the floaty.

While I was on the floaty and seriously concerned about falling, and being devoured in an instant by the Giant crocodile with a huge mouth and very big teeth, there was someone close by. My memory tells me it was a girl or a woman, and she was encouraging me NOT to fall.

I didn’t even know how I was floating and the floaty I was on was flimsy, and I knew if I fell the hungry crocodile would be there in an moment.

Thanks goodness I didn’t fall, and somehow I was in a place where there were other people. They were talking about the crocodile and a search was on to get it before it could hurt anyone.

In this dream I also realized I was damaged. I was wearing clothes that were tattered, and my skin had some serious problem; I think I was also missing some of my hair.

At some point in the dream, I saw my childhood friend George, and he seemed disappointed in me. He told me, in my condition there was no hope for me ever finding a woman that would want me.

Now this was all a dream, but when I awoke from it, I realized how scared I was in my dream and I started to wonder what would cause me to have such a sad scary dream; A dream where my wife was gone, I was sad, some monster was hoping to eat me, I was almost hopeless, and my friend was disappointed in me.

At least there was the woman in my dreams, maybe an angel, who didn’t want me to fall; And… I was finally back in a safe place.

So I thought about my life situation, and how I’m trying to do so many things, but my heart is not in all of them. I thought about how there are LOTS of changes going on and a lot of things about the not to distant future that are kind of scary and insecure for me right now.

I realized while I was thinking about these things that there is no time to wait to start expressing what is inside of me. I realized that I’ve waited a long time, for the right time, to be something I can’t even clearly identify, so I could finally be SOMEONE who had some KNOWABLE value.

Now I realize, I’m never going to become that some THING that I can’t fully identify, so I’ve decided to express what it is I am about now… And I just noticed how much I said I in this article.

So there it is. YOU Be it, Do it, Live it… NOW.

Please share your comments and criticisms below.



Breaking Free From My Secret Weed Addiction

Today I am revealing one of my best kept secrets.  The people closest to me already know about my struggle with weed, and now I’m coming out of the closet with this story.

Secrets can keep a person in their own Secret Prison, and today I am tearing down the walls and revealing who I truly am.  I’m literally setting myself free through expression and you can do that too, if you want.

My intention is to live my true purpose and help you to do the same.  This video represents a side of me that I’ve been afraid to reveal – But I’m no longer afraid.  In fact, I am so happy to share this with you.

In revealing my struggle with Marijuana, I want to point out, I’m NOT against people using this plant, and I think there are a lot of good things that can be said about it.  Although it’s the subject of a future article, I think Marijuana should be legal, as all plants should be legal.

I also think it’s important that people take responsibility for what they do, and knowing that Marijuana has intense effects is important.

I stated that there are a lot of good things that can be said about Marijuana and I also want to point out that not everything about it has been good for me, and that’s partly why I’m quitting weed.

The number one reason I’m quitting it, is because I think my life is better Without Marijuana.  I also want to be an example for others who feel the need to let go of Marijuana Addiction.

I KNOW I don’t NEED marijuana, and my experience tells me it takes away from my consistancy and joy.

There has been some part of me that has wanted to believe that I might be better off, and even MORE Healthy from using marijuana.  I know that is not true now.  I know I’m better off in almost every regard without Cannabis.

In the last several years almost all of my experiences with Marijuana were from eating it.  I know smoking anything is not good for anyone, and I moved away from that thinking that Marijuana REALLY might be ALL Good for a person, if it were ONLY eaten; I do think that’s a much better way of using marijuana if a person is going to do it, but…

There is a dark side to Marijuana.  At least I know there is for me.

Most of my recent years of Marijuana use have come in binges.  I almost always feel good when I’m HIGH, but the morning after getting high I almost always feel like I’ve lost something, and like I don’t want to do it anymore.  It feels like I lose Grace in my life after using Marijuana.  It’s like my consistent good feeling has been taken from me and I’m spiritually isolated.

It may not be this way for everyone, but Marijuana seems to be a trickster.  It makes my mind believe I’ve found the greatest thing in the world.  Under it’s influence I have often felt like I’ve gained intelligence.  Unfortunately, after coming down from the high, I have often felt less intelligent than I did before using it.

I feel Marijuana has been a trade off.  It has made me believe in my own power instead of trusting in the Grace of God.  What I have learned is the Grace of God is all I REALLY have.  Every time I use marijuana I gain some insight, only to realize later that the insight cannot be implemented without the GRACE.  It’s like getting a glimpse of something great and then feeling depleted of the energy I need to manifest the Greatness.

Sometimes the insights aren’t as great as they seemed under the influence of Marijuana anyway.

Marijuana does have beneficial substances like Cannabidiol and I’m sure these substances can be very helpful for people with certain conditions.  It’s also true there are Marijuana strains that have no THC (the substance that makes you high), and have high amounts of Cannabidiol.  That being said, eating this type of Marijuana might REALLY be ALL Good.

My intention is not to demonize Marijuana.  I’m just not going to use it anymore.

I want to live my true purpose in life, and part of that purpose is transformation and inspiration.  I intend to be a super hero under the influence of Grace.  I don’t need marijuana and I intend to empower others who struggle with it by letting it go.

Please share your thoughts about Marijuana and this article below.  I love to read what you have to say.


Author And Personal Growth Enthusiast Sleeps More And Finishes Book In Under 30 Days

This 30 day challenge was easier than I expected.  I’ve struggled with getting to bed on time for many years, but this challenge gave me the excuse I needed to GET what I needed.

My energy levels are generally higher and my fitness performance has improved as well.  I did a 5 Kilometer Run on May 10th and came in 6th place overall with an average mile time of 6 minutes 58 seconds.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of debate around the subject of how much sleep is actually good for you, but I think most people can benefit from getting at LEAST 7.5 to 8 hours per night.  That’s about what I averaged during this sleep challenge, which is probably about an hour to an hour and 1/2 more than I was getting before the challenge.

Sexy Fit Rewrite And Video Upgrade Completed!

During the last 30 days I also finished my book rewrite and video upgrade.  I’m very happy about that, as it’s been on my mind for a pretty long time.

If you want to know what Sexy Fit is about you can learn more HERE!

What surprised me is how quickly I actually finished the rewrite of my 2 books.  I had been working on this upgrade for quite a while, but once I focused for a specific amount of time everyday, it got done fast.

What’s All This Mean For You?

30 Day Challenges give you the excuse you need to make things happen.  Imagine what is possible for you if you do anything on a regular basis.  If you have been waiting for SOME DAY to get started on something important to you, I recommend you start TODAY.  I think you’ll be surprised how much you can do, and how QUICKLY you reach the end of your challenge.

Please share your comments and criticisms below.  I love your feedback.






In today’s video I share on the subject of some shoes I recently purchased and although they may look a little funny, they might be better for your knees.


If you’re more interested in reading a related article start it below and if you’d like to read the rest you can follow the link after it.


The frost on the grass chilled my toes almost to the point of feeling numb.  My calves were burning.  It felt good to be running in spite of the pain.  It wasn’t a joke, what I’d read in many reviews from first time wearers of the shoes, about experiencing this type of muscle soreness.  Some people said to wear them for short periods of time, to start, and warm up to longer periods as your body adjusted.  To read more click on the following link.


Do You have Bad Knees or Bad Shoes?


We hope you enjoy it.


To your best health and life ever.


Sye Rodriguez