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Is Selling Bad?

Have You Been Told Selling Is Bad?

Today I’m going to help you overcome this limiting belief; A belief which is also a LIE. If you believe selling is bad, you are most likely not seeing reality for what it is. Not only is Selling Good; It’s a fundamental part of your existence.

Think about it for a minute. Where did you get the idea selling was bad? Many of us have been exposed to Sales People with no integrity; People who just want to make some Quick Cash; And they care less if “What You Buy” benefits you at all.

Maybe someone you know is a Sales Person, and you’ve heard them talked about in a Negative way, and you got the idea Sales People are doing something immoral or selfish.

Regardless of how you came to the conclusion that selling is bad, there is something important for you to realize. Most everyone in the world is involved in Sales on some level. The main difference between the many different Sales People in the world, lies in what they sell and how they sell it.

You are surely involved in some kind of Sales if you work for yourself or anyone else. If you work in your own business, you may be selling something because you like it personally and you know it can benefit others. This is probably the best kind of Sales you can be in. You’re selling something that you personally use and it potentially makes your life and the lives of others better.

Hopefully you can already see that Selling Is Good in this situation; And we need a lot more people in the world doing this kind of selling.

But… What if you’re not directly involved in Sales. Let’s say for example that you work at Walmart. Maybe you Stock the Women’s Clothing Section, or you work in Customer Service, so you’re not DIRECTLY involved in Sales.

You may think you’re not one of those DIRTY Sales People, as your job doesn’t require any selling; But What does Walmart do? They sell a whole lot of stuff. So now you are a part of a Sales System that Sells practically ANYTHING people are willing to buy.

The fact is, Walmart might be selling some things that you are completely against; Like Cigarettes, for example. And there you are working at Walmart, VIOLATING your own Integrity by selling something you would never consider selling if you had your own business.

What’s worse is, you’re pretending you’re not responsible, because you are not the one selling it; But you are. You are supporting the selling of all kinds of items, and your most likely getting paid very little to do it. You have basically SOLD yourself for a very small price, and you’ll do whatever Walmart tells you to do so you don’t lose your income. It’s kind of like SELLING Your Soul.

So now ask yourself; What’s worse?… Selling myself to Walmart and Selling whatever they tell me to SELL, or creating my own business, and picking out things I want to sell?

I bet the choice isn’t too difficult for you.

We Sell others on the benefits of being our partners on a regular basis. We tell them how we are LIKE THIS, and not LIKE THAT.

We SELL others on the benefits of Marrying us; and on why we are better than another partner.

You KNOW everything you are reading here is true. YOU are a born Sales Person, and it’s time you got over thinking selling is BAD. Now you could sell people some BAD or CHEAP Stuff; or things you don’t think people really need, but selling is not BAD all by itself. Selling is Good.

Isn’t it about time you started thinking about what you want to be selling? Isn’t it time you Stopped Selling Out to companies that have no interest in you; and WILL Sell ANYTHING to increase their own bottom line. I do. The world needs you to step up to the plate and Start Selling What MATTERS; Including your own Talents and Abilities.

You are A Sales Person and YOU Can make SELLING Good.

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