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Tava Tea – Organic Weight Loss Tea

Tava Tea Weight Loss Tea

Tava Tea Weight Loss TeaTava Tea – Organic Weight Loss Tea


What is Tava Tea?  There are a number of weight loss tea products on the market, but when it comes to quality,  Tava Tea really is at the top.

The tea is 100% organic and the company has the certificates of analysis to prove it.

Tava Tea is also a unique weight loss tea.  It contains a unique blend of  Sencha, Pu-erh and Wuyi Cliff Oolong varieties and is really effective at helping people to shed pounds.  Tava Tea burns  2.5 more calories than green tea.

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The Chinese have been drinking green tea for a long time and the health benefits are well documented.  In addition to being an effective weight loss tea, Tava Tea has other benefits as well.  Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto’s research, conducted in 2004, showed drinking Tava Tea reduces free radicals by 50% after drinking it for only 15 days; Reduction of free radicals has an anti aging effect on the body.

Some of the other benefits of drinking this special weight loss tea include:

  • Calms your mind and body; Tava Tea contains the amino acid
  • L-theanine which helps to balance your dopamine and serotonin (2 brain chemicals that control your mood).
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Slows down the production of insulin when consumed 15 minutes before eating sweets and other carbohydrate rich foods.
  • Detoxifies the body and cleanses the colon, helping you to feel more energized.
  • Boosts your metabolism helping your body to process food more efficiently.
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels.

Is Tava Weight Loss Tea Effective?

Tava TeaIt’s important to remember that weight loss tea is not a cure-all.  It always helps to include other healthful lifestyle habits, if you’re seeking optimal health.

What’s good about Tava Tea is it can help you to drop unwanted pounds without making extreme changes to your diet or lifestyle.  It’s recommend you consume at least 2 cups of Tava Tea per day for reaping optimal benefits.

The manufacturers of Tava Tea are so confident in it’s ability to help you loose weight, they offer a full 180 day (6 month) money back guarantee.  If you don’t find Tava Tea to be effective at helping you to loose weight in that time, you can get a full refund; no questions asked.

When you order you’ll receive the best 100% organic weight loss tea and the manufacturer offers free shipping.  I give Tava Tea my approval and recommend it because of its superior quality.

Organic makes a big difference and you can be sure you’re getting only what the Tava Tea ingredients are supposed to be; not a bunch of additives, fillers or toxic chemicals.  In addition Tava Tea is made from the finest quality available of the organic ingredients it contains.

I hope my review of Tava Tea has helped you.

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