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Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Do You Like Your Vegan Protein Powder?

Sun Warrior Protein PowderI’ve gotten off to a good start writing about the vegan protein powder.  I’ve used 2 that I consider to be the 2 best vegan protein powders.  You can read more about them at the following links.

My SUNWARRIOR Protein Review

What’s The Best Vegan Protein Powder?

My Warrior Food Protein Powder Review

Today we are sharing a video with you from SUNWARRIOR.  I like their protein powder, but the question is:

Do you like your protein powder?

The video below is something I think you’ll enjoy and it might even make you want to change your protein powder.

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What Is Protein | Sun Warrior (Video From SUNWARRIOR)


There’s a lot of good information in the video and it’s short and too the point.  By the time you’ve finished watching it, you’ll likely want to know more about Sun Warrior Protein.  I recommend you buy some.  Please use the links on this page.  We review the best products and use them too.

Sunwarrior makes a unique protein powder available to us, and it’s superior on a number of levels to other protein supplements you can find.

The taste is good.  It’s very simple and it leaves you feeling good.  This vegan protein powder won’t leave you feeling bloated, as is covered in the video.

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Learn How SUNWARRIOR Can Help You Earn!


antioxidant benefits of astaxanthin

The Antioxidant Benefits Of Astaxanthin

Have you heard about the antioxidant benefits of Astaxanthin?  If you have heard a lot of good things you probably got the correct information about this potent antioxidant.

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Most people know what an antioxidant is.  Antioxidants stop free radical damage of cells by bonding to free oxygen in the system.  This inhibits the oxygen from oxidizing healthy cells.

To get a better understanding of this just cut an apple open and leave it on the counter for a little while.  The brown you see on the apple, as a result, is oxidation.  Oxygen is good for us but this type of oxidation creates aging of cells.  The power of a good antioxidant like astaxanthin, lies in it’s ability to stop this aging of cells by bonding with the free (unstable) oxygen.

The antioxidant Astaxanthin is found most abundantly in haematococcus pluvialis and is also found in smaller amounts in yeast, trout, salmon and krill.

The source of the Astaxanthin we are recommending comes from haematococcus pluvialis, a red microalgae known as the best source of astaxanthin in the world; The particular brand is Astavita AstaReal and they ensure complete purity of their product. Find out the cultivation practices of this haematococcus pluvialis here.

So What Are The Specific Antioxidant Benefits Of Astaxanthin?

To be clear, Astaxanthin is an antioxidant.  There are many antioxidants with different benefits.  Astaxanthin is known to be the strongest antioxidant, being 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C .

Some of the reported antioxidant benefits of astaxanthin are:

  • Faster Muscle Recovery.
  • Improved Physical Endurance.
  • Better Condition of Skin.
  • Relief of Eye Fatigue.
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health.
  • Enhanced Immune Function.
  • More Healthful Inflammatory Response.

Astaxanthin protects microalgae from harmful U.V. Rays and it is believed that this U.V.  protection is passed on to those who consume this potent antioxidant.

These are just a few of the antioxidant benefits of Astaxanthin.

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Vegans beware; The capsules of this product are made from gelatin. Other than gelatin the ingredients of astavita astaxanthin are only haematococcus pluvialis and olive oil. If you find something you think is better let us know.

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The link above is one I’ve added to give you another low cost option for places where you can get Astavita Astaxanthin.  You might want to compare the link directly above with the other links on the page to see who currently has the best deal for you.


What Is Cordyceps Fungus

Cordyceps Side Effects

What Is Cordyceps Fungus And Why Would You Want To Know About It?

The first thing that really grabbed my attention about Cordyceps Fungus is a story about some Chinese, women athletes breaking 9 world records during a period of time they were consuming cordyceps sinensis.  You can read more about that by clicking on Coryceps Benefits.

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Cordyceps is a genus of fungus specifically referred to as an entomopathogenic fungi.  These types of mushrooms have spores that act as parasites of insects.  Once they have attached to the insect they germinate and colonize the whole body cavity (stoma) of the insect and the insect usually dies, as is the case with cordyceps fungus.

Cordyceps fungi are known to be able to effect the behavior of their host.  For example there is a genus of cordyceps that uses ants as its host, and causes an ant to climb up a blade of grass or other plant near it’s death.  This allows the fungus to continue it’s propagation in ideal conditions for spore distribution.

You can watch the video on this page to see how cordyceps can control the behavior of the insect they attach themselves to.  It’s pretty scary in a way.  Luckily, cordyceps fungus is healthful for us to consume, so don’t worry.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis, is the kind of cordyceps you want to consume for the most benefits to your health.  This particular genus of cordyceps are also known as caterpillar fungus, because they make a caterpillar larvae their host.  In China cordyceps sinensis is also known as DongChongXiaCao (winter worm summer grass).

This highly revered mushroom has even gained the reputation as the elixir of life, due to it’s reputation for promoting longevity and youthfulness.

Cordyceps Sinensis have been used in China and Tibet for at least 1000 years.  Until relatively recently they were very hard to get.  They only grow wild in the Himalyas in parts of Nepal and Tibet and, in smaller amounts around the borders of China and India.

The price of cordyceps sinensis has been as high as 35,000 dollars a pound because of the demand and difficulty of gathering it.  Due to modern cultivation techniques, you can get them for a reasonable price now.

A few companies have mastered the art of cultivating this coveted fungi to match it’s exact wild genus.  This method of cultivation, especially when done organically like the companies I recommend, is superior and far less expensive than obtaining the wild variety. (Read Cordyceps Side Effects to learn more about why quality control is so important when buying cordyceps sinensis.)

Why You Might Want To Include Cordyceps Fungus In Your Diet

In Chinese Medicine cordyceps sinensis is considered a tonic herb.  It is known for strenghtening the kidneys, building immunity and enhancing athletic ability, among many other benefits.

Cordyceps contain potent antioxidants called polysaccharides, which contribute to the reputation cordyceps have as being a longevity herb.  Their are multiple benefits attributed to the consumption of cordyceps fungus.  You can read more about them at Cordyceps Benefits.

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Cordyceps Benefits

Cordyceps BenefitsSeeking Cordyceps Benefits

If you are on this page you are most likely wondering about what cordyceps benefits you’ll get from consuming this special fungus.  We’ll get right to the benefits of consuming cordyceps shortly, but first let’s clarify something.

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The kind of cordyceps you want are called cordyceps sinensis.  This is the particular genus of cordyceps you’ll want to consume to benefit you in ways you may have heard about.

You may also want to know the truth about what kind of fungus cordyceps is.  Don’t be scared, but it might surprise you.  All cordyceps species are entomopathogenic fungi.  You can find out more about what that means in What Is Cordyceps Fungus?, another post on this website.

Let’s Get Into The Cordyceps Benefits Now

Cordyceps sinensis has been reported to:

  • Support youthfulness.
  • Increase lung power in those with compromised lung function.
  • Have adaptogenic qualities. (Adaptogens help balance systems in the body and may be be responsible for higher resistance to stress and fatigue.)
  • Strengthen the kidneys.
  • Strengthen lung capacity and increase endurance.
  • Help build muscle.
  • Possibly have anti-depressant effects.
  • Contain anti-cancer components (polysaccharides and cordycepin).

Here’s a quote from the Jing Herbs website about cordyceps: “Cordyceps is also widely regarded as a supreme immune system enhancer.” There are more benefits reported on the Jing Herbs Site, which you can read by clicking Buy Cordyceps Or Learn More About Them.

Here’s a quick story to give you a little better understanding of cordyceps benefits

In 1993, 3 women from the Chinese Women’s Track and Field Team broke 9 world records at the Chinese National Games.  This performance made officials suspicious that the women were using some kind of drugs to enhance their performance.

To quell the confusion the coach of these women revealed the legal secret.  They had been consuming cordyceps mushrooms and subsequent tests revealed they had not taken any drugs.

You can imagine how this impressed people worldwide.  It turned out research done in China already showed cordyceps increased ATP in consumers, in addition to increasing their oxygen utilization.  A reported useful energy increase of 30% resulted from these benefits.

How’s that for cordyceps benefits?

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With cordyceps it’s important to get your hands on the very best.  You can read more about why in Cordyceps Side Effects And More

The links to buy cordyceps on this page are for organic cordyceps of the highest quality.

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The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified practitioner.  The author makes no claim of preventing or curing any disease.  If you seek medical advice please contact a qualified practitioner.

Cordyceps Side EffectsCordyceps Side Effects And More

If you are concerned about cordyceps side effects, you can relax.  Cordyceps don’t have many negative side effects to be concerned about.

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In a minute we’ll go over actual cordyceps side effects, but first let’s address something that is more of a concern; The source of your cordyceps is probably a more important consideration than their side effects.

If you purchase from a reputable source that tests their cordyceps for purity or cultivates the fungus themselves, you can be sure you don’t have any need for concern.  The main cordyceps side effect isn’t actually a side effect at all.  It’s when you get something in your cordyceps that’s not from the mushroom.

Cordyceps, because of their desired benefits, can be expensive.  Gatherers of wild cordyceps in Taiwan and China have been know to add undesirable substances into their findings to make them heavier so they can get paid more .

The worst of these undesirables is lead in the form of a wire inserted into the caterpillar and fruiting body of the cordyceps.  Lead is not found in cordyceps by nature; It only gets into the fungi if someone deliberately puts there to make their collected mushrooms weigh more.

Getting your cordyceps from a cultivator or reputable source that tests and knows the source of their product is the way to eliminate any accidental consumption of lead or other undesirable substances.

There are 2 connections to the very highest quality organic cordyceps listed on this page.  You can trust these sources completely.

The Known Cordyceps Side Effects

Cordyceps contain adenosine, which is a natural blood thinner.  If you are taking any blood thinning medications you may want to consult with a practitioner experienced in herbal therapies to know if cordyceps sinsensis is something you want to include in your health regime.

Cordyceps are mainly known for their immune supporting properties, but their are a couple of other substances that have been isolated, specifically from the fruiting body of cordyceps sinensis, that have immunosuppressive effects.

In mice studies very high doses of cordyceps killed the mice.  These doses were 50 grams per kilogram of body weight.  For a 150 pound person this would be equivalent to taking about 3400 grams of cordyceps sinensis at once.

A suggested daily dose of cordyceps sinensis from the suppliers we recommend is between 1 and 4 grams per day, which is insignificant compared to 3400 grams.

The mice that were given doses of the cordyceps fungus that were much more suitable to their body weight showed increased learning ability and improved memory.  The moral of the story is “More isn’t always better!”

If you are taking any medications with corticosteroids you may need to speak with your doctor about adjusting the dose, before adding cordyceps sinensis into your diet, as they may increase the steroid effect of the medications.

As far as cordyceps side effects are concerned you really don’t need to be concerned.  Most of the information about cordyceps sinensis contains no references to side effects at all.  To find out the many benefits of consuming cordyceps sinensis click on Cordyceps Benefits.

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Warrior Food Protein Powder

My Warrior Food Protein Powder Review

In this Warrior Food Protein Powder Review I cover why this revolutionary supplement has made my best vegan protein powder page.

You may want to read What’s The Best Vegan Protein Powder, by clicking on it, if you haven’t done so.

I have come across a lot of good supplements, but Warrior Food Protein probably has more thought put into the ingredients than almost any of them.

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I have been using Warrior Food, for a good while now, and believe it has helped my muscles recover after working out.  It has all of the essential and many of the non essential amino acids in addition to some other key ingredients.

The exact ingredients, as stated on the bottle are:  Organic Sprouted, Raw, non-GMO Brown Rice Protein, Organic Hemp Protein, Ogranic Actual Vanilla Bean, Organic Nopal Cactus, Organic Whole Leaf Stevia, Organic Phycocyanin extract from Klamath Algae (for Kidney support), Enzymes (protease, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha galactosidase)

The combination of these ingredients makes for an easily digestible protein, that really tastes good.  It also comes without the vanilla at a lower cost.

I haven’t seen another product that uses actual organic vanilla bean for flavoring.  The enzymes and other thoughtful ingredients make Warrior Food Protein Powder a revolutionary supplement.

I have referred to myself as a quality food extremist.  Jameth Sheridan, the creator of Warrior Food has been called a quality fanatic.  This term is an affectionate one from my point of view.  If Jameth Sheridan made it, you can be sure there are specific reasons for the way it’s put together.

Jameth’s Company, Health Force Nutritionals, has a standard called Truganic.  The products with this label on them meet a standard beyond organic quality; Significantly beyond Organic, as the label on Warrior Food Protein reads.

If you are looking for the best vegan protein powder, you owe it to yourself to try Warrior Food.  It’s also worth reading more at Health Force to see why I put their products up so high.

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Best Vegan Protein Powder

What’s the Best Vegan Protein Powder?

So you want to know what the best vegan protein powder is.  You can be sure you’ve come to the right place to find out.

I was a vegan for most of the past 15 years.  I am almost vegan now.  I eat some dairy and honey now, so I don’t consider myself vegan.

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These things being stated, I always go for the highest quality food ingredients I can find, and my family is about as extreme as you can get in this sense.  You may not want to be extreme, yourself, but it’s definitely in your best interest to have recommendations from a quality extremist.

This post is about the best vegan protein powder you can buy.  If you can find something better please let me know.  I don’t think you will, though.

I was going to keep this to 1 product, but it turns out there are 2 Best Vegan Protein Powders available.

I use both of these sources of vegan protein and I’ll tell you what kind of standards I use to judge them.

First of all they have to taste good.  I have found both of these vegan protein sources excellent.  Some people may have to acquire a taste for them, as they are made from healthful ingredients.  If you already eat a variety of healthful foods, you’ll appreciate them right away.

If you are used to eating a lot of high sugar foods and protein powders, you may need to use it for a week to get used to the taste.  Some of my friends had to get used to it because they weren’t used to eating healthy, but it didn’t take long.

My next requirement for vegan protein or any food product is it has to be organic, equivalent to organic or better.  Better might be wildcrafted or biodynamic for example.  The product has to at least be in the process of organic certification to meet my quality standards.

At the time of this writing one of these vegan protein powders is organic and the other is in the process of becoming organic.  When a product is in the process of organic certification it usually means they are using organic farming practices for their goods, but they haven’t met the time requirement to be officially certified.

My 2 product recommendations for the best vegan protein powder available are:

Sun Warrior Protein

Warrior Food

You can read more about the specifics of these protein powders by clicking on Warrior Food or Sun Warrior Protein.  If you want to purchase either one you can do so by clicking on the following links.

==>Click Here To Purchase SUN WARRIOR PROTEIN Powder Now<==

==>Click Here to Purchase WARRIOR FOOD PROTEIN Now<==

Click on Sun Warrior At Amazon to compare prices for this product.

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Sun Warrior Protein Review

My Sun Warrior Protein Review

In this Sun Warrior Protein Review I am going to give you the specifics of why it made my best vegan protein powder list.

If you haven’t already read What’s The Best Vegan Protein Powder you can click on the words to do so.

Sun Warrior Protein is on the cutting edge of science and nutrition.  If you speak with anyone who’s really up to speed in the raw food community, they probably either use or know about this product.

I was using another great raw protein supplement called Warrior Food when I first heard about Sun Warrior.  I thought it was the same thing because of “Warrior” being in the name.  Then I started seeing posts about it on many of the websites I trusted.

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It was at the Longevity Conference in September of 2010 that I really got to see what it was all about.  They were there along side Health Force Nutritionals, the company that manufacturers the other protein powder that made my best vegan protein powder list.

I knew Sun Warrior had to have a special product to be there, so I learned about it.  One of the things that is cool about their protein is it helps the body to use more of the nutrients from other foods the body takes in.  In addition to assisting the body at absorbing other nutrients, it’s full of some of the most highly digestible protein of any protein on the market.

Sun Warrior Protein has a 98.2% digestion efficiency and it’s got more of nearly all of the amino acids than whey protein or eggs.  In addition it’s higher in leucine than eggs or whey: Leucine helps the body to use more of the protein it gets, so this is a big plus.

Infants and older folks do really well with this protein supplement, because of it’s high digestibility.  The Sun Warrior site claims a “98% correlation rate to Mother’s Milk.”  You can bet it’s safe to consume with a claim like that.

The extraction method Sun Warrior uses is also a good one.  The process is organic compliant and uses no chemicals or harsh acids; only organic enzymes.

So What’s in Sun Warrior Protein Powder?

It’s only Bio-Fermented Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice, containing the sprouted endosperm and the bran.  This product contains all 9 essential amino acids in addition to other non-essential amino acids.  Sun Warrior is in the process of getting their rice certified organic, as I’ve been informed by the people at Sun Warrior.

You can verify the information in this Sun Warrior Protein Review on the Official Sun Warrior Site.  If you’ve been searching for the best vegan protein powder, your mission is accomplished.

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Read Do You Like Your Vegan Protein Powder?

Click on Sun Warrior At Amazon to compare prices for this product.


What is Tava Tea?

Tava Tea

Tava TeaWhat is Tava Tea?


You have probably heard the terms slimming tea, diet tea or weight loss tea.  Tava Tea falls under these categories of tea, but what makes it special?

Below I’ve put together some of the facts that make Tava Tea unique.

Tava tea is made from 100% organic ingredients.  The manufacturers not only have organic certifications for their weight loss tea; they have the certificates of analysis for each kind of tea used in the blend, which shows Tava Tea contains only the ingredients listed.

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It’s so important to have organic standards.  Organic guarantees there’s no toxic residues or GMOs in the product.  After all, you want to loose weight without adding poisons that destroy health, right?

What’s in Tava Tea?

The Tava Tea blend is the top weight loss tea blend.  The only ingredients are Organic Wuyi Cliff Oolong, Organic Pu-Erh & Organic Sencha.

Organic Wuyi Cliff Oolong has been shown to:

  • Lower blood sugar levels

  • Bring down blood pressure

  • Help prevent tooth decay

  • Burn fat 157% more effectively than green tea.

Pu-Erh tea is one of the most effective weight loss teas and also helps:

  • Reduce bad cholesterol

  • Inhibit cell mutations and the growth of microorganisms

  • The heart remain healthy.

Sencha is one of the most delicious varieties of green teas and has lots of antioxidants, which help to keep you youthful.

In addition Tava Tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which has a calming effect on the mind and body.Tava Tea

You can see Tava Tea not only helps you to loose weight but has a number of health benefits as well.

Of course, loosing weight will help you in a number of ways.  Imagine the way you’ll feel when your friends see the change.

What’s it like to feel good in a bikini?

How about drawing the attention of the opposite sex?

Tava Tea really does stand apart from other kinds of diet tea.

It’s unique blend and quality standards make it a real winner when if comes to health benefits and loosing weight.

You can learn more or order now at the link below.  Wishing you success in health and weight loss.

==>Click Here to Try Tava Tea Now<==

(The owner of this website is not a bonafide user of all of the products recommended, the links on this page are sponsored & the owner gets paid commission for referrals)


Is Diet Tea Safe?

tava diet tea

Diet TeaIs Diet Tea Safe?


If you’ve been looking for ways to loose weight you’ve probably used or heard of some sort of diet tea.  It’s important to know if diet tea really helps a person drop pounds and whether or not it’s safe to drink.

I did some research and found out a lot of interesting facts.  It’s pretty well documented that green tea can aid in weight loss, but what kinds of teas are the best and safest.

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Many brands of diet tea contain an herb called Senna, which is considered a laxative.  The problem with this herb is it can have some side effects, including abdominal bloating and frequent bowel movements.

Consuming senna regularly can also cause electrolyte imbalances, contributing to more serious health issues.

The highest quality diet tea I’ve been able to find is Tava Tea (tavatea).  It’s one of the only 100% organic weight loss teas on the market with no added fillers.

The manufacturers of Tava Tea have also documented their weight loss facts pretty well, and they have a strict quality control to make sure the tea contains only the finest quality herbs, without toxic residues.

What are the organic herbs in Tava diet tea that makes it special?

Pu-Erh this tea is a fermented aged tea with the following benefits:

  • Promotes heart health
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Inhibits the growth of microorganisms
  • Inhibits cell mutations
  • Has only 20% of the caffeine in coffee.

Wuyi Cliff Oolong Tea has been shown to prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth by inhibiting plaque formation according to Japan’s Osaka University study led by it’s Department of Dentistry.  It also has the following benefits:

  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Brings down blood pressure
  • Only 50% of the caffeine in coffee

Sencha is Known to one of the most delicious varieties of green teas available.

The perfect combination of these herbs in Tava Tea make it one of the most effective brands of diet tea available when it comes to both weight loss and health benefits.

Another well documented fact is the teas in this blend are loaded with polyphenols.  These antioxidants have an anti aging effect because of their ability to stop free radicals from oxidizing the bodies cells.

One special polyphenol in this diet tea is EGCG.  Studies suggest this antioxidant has anti-carcinogenic effects, in addition to raising metabolism and lowering bad cholesterol.

In researching the subject of diet tea I’ve come to the conclusion that not all of the teas are beneficial but some are.  The organic blend found in Tava Tea is definitely the top I’ve found.

I always advice people to eat a healthful diet, consisting of plenty of fresh and cooked plant source foods to create optimal health.

I also noticed Tava Tea offers free shipping on your order.

I hope my review of diet tea helps you.

==>Click Here to Try Tava Tea Now<==

tava diet tea

(The owner of this website is not a bonafide user of all of the products recommended, the links on this page are sponsored & the owner gets paid commission for referrals)