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Cordyceps Benefits

Cordyceps BenefitsSeeking Cordyceps Benefits

If you are on this page you are most likely wondering about what cordyceps benefits you’ll get from consuming this special fungus.  We’ll get right to the benefits of consuming cordyceps shortly, but first let’s clarify something.

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The kind of cordyceps you want are called cordyceps sinensis.  This is the particular genus of cordyceps you’ll want to consume to benefit you in ways you may have heard about.

You may also want to know the truth about what kind of fungus cordyceps is.  Don’t be scared, but it might surprise you.  All cordyceps species are entomopathogenic fungi.  You can find out more about what that means in What Is Cordyceps Fungus?, another post on this website.

Let’s Get Into The Cordyceps Benefits Now

Cordyceps sinensis has been reported to:

  • Support youthfulness.
  • Increase lung power in those with compromised lung function.
  • Have adaptogenic qualities. (Adaptogens help balance systems in the body and may be be responsible for higher resistance to stress and fatigue.)
  • Strengthen the kidneys.
  • Strengthen lung capacity and increase endurance.
  • Help build muscle.
  • Possibly have anti-depressant effects.
  • Contain anti-cancer components (polysaccharides and cordycepin).

Here’s a quote from the Jing Herbs website about cordyceps: “Cordyceps is also widely regarded as a supreme immune system enhancer.” There are more benefits reported on the Jing Herbs Site, which you can read by clicking Buy Cordyceps Or Learn More About Them.

Here’s a quick story to give you a little better understanding of cordyceps benefits

In 1993, 3 women from the Chinese Women’s Track and Field Team broke 9 world records at the Chinese National Games.  This performance made officials suspicious that the women were using some kind of drugs to enhance their performance.

To quell the confusion the coach of these women revealed the legal secret.  They had been consuming cordyceps mushrooms and subsequent tests revealed they had not taken any drugs.

You can imagine how this impressed people worldwide.  It turned out research done in China already showed cordyceps increased ATP in consumers, in addition to increasing their oxygen utilization.  A reported useful energy increase of 30% resulted from these benefits.

How’s that for cordyceps benefits?

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With cordyceps it’s important to get your hands on the very best.  You can read more about why in Cordyceps Side Effects And More

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