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How To Create Private Categories And Products With A Volusion Shopping Cart

Want Some Of Your Products To Be Visible To Select Customers Only?

I’m going to show you how to do that with your Volusion Online Store.  It’s really simple.  Why would you WANT to make some products and categories private?

  • Maybe you’ve got a category or product you only want special customers to see.
  • Maybe your running a special for subscribers only.  Or….
  • You’ve got your OWN special reason and that’s why you’re reading this post.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find out HOW to make the products and categories you select viewable only to the eyes YOU select; And you’ll be able to do that simply and quickly after watching the video below.

The first thing you’ll want to do is log in to your Volusion Store.  Once you’re in you’ll take care of the first and most important step.  That’s allowing YOURSELF access to private sections.

To do this move your cursor over Customers towards the upper left of your Volusion dashboard and Click On Accounts.

  • Now Click on Search under Manage Customer Accounts.
  • Now under Basic Customer Info, enter the number 1 in the box next to ID.
  • Now click the search button at the bottom of the page.  This should take you to your account.  If it doesn’t, go back and search by your name instead of Customer ID.
  • Now Click the number 1, under ID next to your name.  Good Job… You’re in your account.
  • Scroll down and Click on Special Privileges, then find the box next to ALLOW ACCESS TO PRIVATE SECTIONS and check it.
  • Now press Save.  You’ve done the first most important step by allowing yourself access to private sections, so YOU DON’T get locked out.

This first step was important for YOU, and it’s the exact same thing you’ll do for EVERY customer you want to have access to the categories and products you make private in your Volusion Store.

Now for making products private and a quick note.  If you want entire categories to be private it’s a good idea to make all of the products in that category private as well.  This will make extra sure nothing you want PRIVATE accidentally gets seen by the public.

Here’s How To Make Products Private In Your Volusion Store.

  • Navigate to the top of your Volusion Dashboard where it says Inventory and Click On Products UNDER it.
  • Click On a product you want to make private.
  • Now scroll down to Advanced Info and Click On it; Then on Product Display.
  • Next, scroll down to Private Section Customers Only, check the box next to it and Click Save.

You did it.  Pretty simple, Huh?  Now do the same with other products you want PRIVATE.

Now We’ll See How To Make Categories In Your Volusion Store Private.

  • Navigate to the top of your Volusion Dashboard where it says Inventory and Click On Categories UNDER it.
  • Create a new category you want to make private; Or go straight to the next step if you already have a category you want to make private.
  • Click the Edit Icon that shows up when you hover over a category with your cursor.
  • Now scroll down to Advanced Info and Click ON it, then on Misc UNDER Advanced Info.
  • Check the box next to Private Section Customers Only and hit SAVE.

You did it.  Now only customers you allow private access will be able to see these categories and products you made private.  Good Job.

One more thing.  If you’ve Featured any products on your home page under Product Display Settings, for individual products that you don’t want the general public to see, you’ll want to change those settings for those products.  Otherwise they’ll still show up on your home page.

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