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MacBooks Are The Best!

MacBooks Are The Best

When thinking about COOL Stuff the first product that came to my mind was something I use all of the time.  As if you didn’t know, the MacBook is one of the best laptops on the market and my Macbook Review is based on my personal experience with my own.  I’m currently on my 3rd, and it’s a Macbook Pro.

There are a number of reasons I can think of that a MacBook is great.  On a very basic level, apple computer products haven’t been heavily targeted for viruses.  Most Mac users I know don’t worry too much about viruses.

Macbooks are also user friendly.  It may take a few days to get used to if you’ve been using a PC, but once you’ve become accustomed to it’s interface, it’s likely you won’t want to go back.

I won’t say it’s the number one reason to buy a MacBook, but they certainly look cool.  If you are a movie watcher, you’ve probably seen the back side of an Apple Laptop a number of times.  They definitely have celebrity status.

As far as cool stuff goes, you get some real cool applications on your MacBook when you purchase it, so you won’t have to buy a lot of extras to start.  Some of the cool applications you get are iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, iWeb, GarageBand, QuickTime Player and Photo Booth.

MacBooks come with so many great utilities, I’ve found I need to check and see what I have on my computer already, when I find something cool I think I need to buy.  I often find my MacBook is already set up to do what I wanted it to, without a new utility.

There are a lot a lot of cool things you could spend your money on, but a Macbook might be the thing you’ll enjoy the most.  If you are thinking about getting one and wondering if you’ll like it, the answer is, You Will!

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