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Blender Recipes

Blender Recipes – Quick, Simple, Tasty… Vitamix!


Blender RecipesWant Blender Recipes to make stuff you’ll actually ENJOY comsuming? You’re at the right place, if you’re tired of throwing your creation out after your first taste.

A lot of well meaning people have created recipes for you that are meant to be healthful, but unfortunately a lot of the time they taste like DIRT; or WORSE.

If you find the blender recipe here at Vitamix Reviews you can be sure, at least I honestly thought it was good. I know not everyone has the same taste, so there might be a recipe you don’t like on this site; But I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with what you find here.

We’re not only going for great taste at Vitamix Reviews. Healthful is good too, if it also tastes good, Right? Think TASTY blender smoothie recipes! Thankfully we’re using the term healthful in the broad sense here. This means I’ll also be including some blender recipes that have things in them, that are the good versions of the BAD For You Foods.

You know what I’m referring to; Things like Ice Cream, but made in a way that you don’t have to feel as guilty about eating them. I hope you enjoy these Vitamix blender recipes I’ve created for you.


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Parsley Banana Smoothie Video And Recipe

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