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Fitted Earthing Sheets

Get Grounded With Fitted Earthing Sheets

Fitted Earthing Sheets come in a number of sizes to suit your needs.  They are made with 100% cotton fabric with fine silver wires threaded in, for conductivity.  The silver is fine enough to make it comfortable to sleep on.  Sleeping on these fitted Earthing Sheets keeps you grounded to the earth all night long while you sleep.

All Fitted Sheet Kits Include:

  • A fitted Earthing Sheet in the size you order, with a grounding cord you attach to your sheet and plug into the wall.
  • An outlet checker.
  • A grounding rod attached to a 40 foot cord.
  • A complimentary Earthing book.
  • An Earthing product user’s guide.

Fitted Earthing Sheets Sizes And Specifications

Fitted Earthing Sheets come in all of the sizes you would find normal fitted sheets in.  You can choose from the following options: Click on the size you need below to view or purchase the Earthing Sheet

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