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Earthing Sheet Care

Getting The Most Life Out Of Your Earthing Sheets

Whether you have the Earthing Half Sheet, Fiited Earthing Sheets, Or a Recovery Bag caring for your Earthing Sheets is simple if you follow the guidelines laid out here.

You probably also want to know how long you can expect your grounding sheets to last.  You’ll be happy to know, your questions are answered on this page.

Laundering Your Grounding Sheets

To wash your Earthing sheets follow the guidelines below.

  1. Do not use bleach, or detergent with bleach, when you launder your sheets.
  2. Do not use any type of fabric softener in the washer or dryer.
  3. Do not apply any oils, creams or lotions to any part of your body
    that will be in contact with your Earthing sheet, close to the time you lie down on your sheet
  4. Do not dry clean your sheet

The chemicals in the products listed above can oxidize and damage, or
destroy, the conductivity of the silver in your earthing sheets.

Make sure to wash your grounding sheet with the warm or medium heat setting.  You will also want to dry it on medium heat; or hang dry it if you prefer.

Try to wash your sheet about 1 time per week.

How Long Will MY Earthing Sheet Last?

If you follow the instructions above you can expect your Earthing Sheet to last for up to 3 years.  Some people’s Earthing sheets still work well beyond the 3 year mark.  It really depends on how well you follow the instructions listed above.

Some people think washing their sheet more often will wear it out faster.  This is NOT the case with official Earthing Sheets; Washing them more often is better than washing them occasionally.  When you wash them more often it prevents build up of body oils on the sheets.  Body oils can decrease your Earthing sheet’s conductivity the same way other oils can, so it’s good to wash it more often than not enough, to keep those body oils from accumulating on your sheet.

Washing your sheet about 1 time per week as outlined above is ideal for most people.

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  • l.merryland ,

    thanks very helpful and clear

  • Melissa ,

    Thanks for info –
    Do you know where I can purchase the silver care soap that I used to get through EARTHING.com? Or something comparable? Wish to use on my earthing throw blankets.
    (The regular detergent odors give me headaches, have tried washing one of my plush pads with tide, then washing it two more times with just plain water – still some lingering odor.)
    Thanks for any leads

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