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Earthing Premium Starter Kit

The Earthing Premium Starter Kit Is A Great Value.

You’ll be getting the Earthing Half Sheet and the Earthing Mat, which make it convenient to be grounded for a good part of the time you spend indoors.

The half sheet is a 100 x 36 inch cotton sheet with fine silver wires threaded in; It’s made to work with all bed sizes.  Just lay it across the bed and tuck the edges under the sides of the mattress.

The Earthing Universal Mat is a 10 x 27 inch mat, made from rubber and conductive carbon.  You can place it beneath any chair and put your bare feet on it.  You can sleep on it as an alternative to an earthing sheet.  As long as the earthing mat is plugged into the ground port of your electrical outlet, you can get any part of your bare skin in contact with it and experience the benefits of earthing.

The Earthing Starter Kit does not include a cover for the mat, as the Earthing mat sold separately does.

The Earthing Premium Starter Kit Includes

  • An Earthing half sheet with a 15 ft. straight cord.
  • An Earthing Mat with a 15 ft. straight cord.
  • A grounding rod with a 40 foot cord attached.
  • A continuity tester for Earthing products with a cord and splitter plug.
  • An outlet checker.
  • A copy of the book, Earthing.
  • A user’s guide.

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