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Earthing Mat

All About The Universal Earthing Mat And Cover Kit

The Earthing Mat is made from rubber and conductive carbon fiber. It’s light weight and very versatile. You can bring it anywhere indoors to get the benefits of earthing while you’re working at a desk or lounging around.

Massage therapists have been known to stand on an Earthing Mat, while giving a massage, to ground themselves and transfer that benefit to their clients. It comes with a conductive cover that makes it comfortable to sleep on or cuddle up with on the couch. Just make sure some part of your bare skin is in contact with it to get the benefits of Earthing.

The Earthing Mat Kit Includes:

  • A 27 x 10 inch conductive mat.
  • 1 15 foot long Grouding cord.
  • A conductive mat cover.
  • 1 Earthing Product user’s guide
  • A copy of the book, Earthing.

Caring for you Earthing Mat is simple

Just use mild soap and warm water to wash it in the sink every once in a while.

To wash your conductive mat cover follow the guidelines below.

  1. Do not use bleach, or detergent with bleach, when you launder your conductive cover.
  2. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Do not apply any oils, creams or lotions to any part of your body
    that will be in contact with your cover or mat, shortly before using it.
  4. Do not Dry Clean.

The chemicals in the products listed above can oxidize and damage, or
destroy, the conductivity of your earthing mat cover.

Machine wash your conductive cover in warm water and tumble dry on medium; Or hang dry it.

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How To Set Up And Use Your Earthing Mat

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