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The Yoga Swing Or Yoga

The Yoga Swing Or Yoga

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The other day I was on my omni swing doing some exercises and a couple of thoughts crossed my mind.  Is the yoga swing better than yoga?  Does the yoga swing replace yoga?

The answer to these questions is a simple No, but I’ll go into a little more detail.

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Yoga and anti gravity yoga (yoga swing yoga) are complimentary, first of all.  I can say this for sure.  It’s much easier to do some of omni swingthe traditional yoga poses, as a result of using the omni swing.

Cobra pose is an example.  It’s just much more natural to do this pose now, because of the flexibility I’ve gained using the yoga swing.

You Can’t Do A Head Stand On The Yoga Swing

Nothing can replace a headstand on the ground.  Having your head and neck supporting the weight of your body has a whole different effect than being upside down on a yoga swing.

Getting comfortable in a head stand, and breathing properly while you’re doing it, is inspiring on some strange level and I don’t want to give that up.  Being in direct contact with the floor has a whole set of it’s own benefits, so I can’t say using a yoga swing makes regular yoga obsolete.

Using An Omni Swing And Practicing Yoga Are Great Fitness Tools

Something great about yoga swings and yoga is they both help to improve strength and flexibility.  You have to experience them to really appreciate the possibilities.

I know a lot of people who are turned off by yoga, because they think it’s a religion or some strange new age practice.  For me, yoga is advanced stretching and meditation.  It may be a religion for some people, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

The practice of breathing, in yoga alone, is like a meditation, and adding stretching into that meditation helps you to feel many of the intricate details of the body; to feel the inter-connectedness of the it.

A yoga swing helps you to easily get into positions you might find difficult or impossible without one.  For the person who’s into yoga, it’ll make it easier to get more out of some of the poses you already do.

The yoga swing also allows you to work muscles and muscle groups, in a way you just can’t work them doing ground yoga.  It’s completely awesome and helps you to use several muscle groups at a time, just getting into the different positions that are possible.

The yoga swing has been one of the greatest things I’ve added to my fitness regime, ever, but I’m not going to give up yoga because of it.

In conclusion, both doing Yoga and using the Yoga Swing offer tremendous benefits to the practitioner.  I recommend both.

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