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Got Earthing Sheets

Got Earthing Sheets?

This page is all about Earthing Sheets, sometimes referred to as grounding sheets. Read on to learn the details about Earthing Sheets, or If you are just wanting to purchase authentic Earthing Sheets now, you can do that at the link below.

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In the video on this page, you’ll see what earthing sheets look like and watch them work as well. We’re using a voltmeter to show you the change that takes place when you are in contact with Earthing Sheets.

Earthing is the practice of grounding yourself, for the many health benefits realized as a result of the practice. People report many benefits as a result of earthing, and you can read about some of those by clicking Earthing Benefits You.

Grounding Sheets benefit you putting you in sync with the healing energy of the earth. You don’t even need an earthing sheet to get this benefit. All you have to do is be barefoot on the earth.

Earthing sheets allow you to be grounded in the comfort of your home, while you’re sleeping. Being grounded while you’re sleeping allows you to reap substantial benefits, because of the length of time you are earthing for.

The sheets work by conducting the earth’s electrical energy to you. It’s possible for the sheets to conduct this current because of the fine silver wires that are woven into the sheets; As you may be aware, silver is one of the most conductive elements.

The grounding sheets connect to a wire, which then connects to the earth through the grounding port of the electrical outlets in your home. As an alternative to plugging into the grounding port of your grounded electrical outlet, the sheets can be plugged into a wire connected to a grounding rod, which is inserted in the earth.

The global electrical circuit, which avails this healing current from the earth, is generated by electrical storms occurring all over the earth. The earth distributes this current in the form of free electrons, all across it’s surface.  These free electrons are available to us when our bare skin is in contact with the earth, and they provide antioxidant like benefits to us.

Get Grounded With Your Choice Of Earthing Sheets

Earthing Fitted Sheets are just like normal fitted sheets, except they have the silver wires threaded through them and connect to the earth, as previously described, to ground you.

Earthing Bed Pads work the same as other earthing sheets, but they are only a half sheet. You can spread one across your bed or length wise to sleep on it.

An Earthing Recovery Bag is the top of the line, as far as grounding sheets go. It’s threaded with silver wire like the other earthing sheets, but it has a zipper that allows you to zip it up and sleep inside of it like a sleeping bag.

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In the Earthing Community this earthing recovery bag is most well known for it’s use in the Tour De France by some of the competing athletes. The earthing recovery bag has been used to help the athletes recover faster and sleep better, so they are more fit for competing.

Whatever type of earthing sheet you decide to use, it’ll be a great investment in your health. Be sure to watch the video to see the earthing sheets working.

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