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Earthing Products

Earthing Products

What are Earthing Products?  If you already know and want to get them you can get the authentic ones direct from the creators.

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Earthing products are the coolest health invention I’ve ever seen or used.  They help to benefit your health with very little effort on your part.

With the right type of earthing device, all you have to to is go to sleep and you will start changing your health in a way that’s revolutionary.

Earthing products are devices that bring the healing electrons from the earth directly to you.

Earthing Products Equal Science Fact?

If you are learning about earthing products for the first time, you might scoff or think earthing benefits are from some earth lover’s imagination.  After all, there are people out there spreading theories as if they were fact.

Earthing is a reality and several studies back up what you are about to learn.  The body of evidence is growing and it’s only going to get bigger.

The earthing products you’re reading about here were created by Clint Ober as a result of an insight he had in 1998.  He wondered if being insulated from the earth, as a result of our foot ware, might have health consequences.

Clint decided to see if grounding himself might have any noticeable effect on his health.  He used a voltmeter at his house and affirmed that his electrical potential would jump up whenever he was close to plugged in appliances, lamps and places where the electrical wires were in the walls.

He also noticed, appliances that were grounded, meaning they have a third prong on the plug and were plugged into a grounded outlet, didn’t create voltage on his body.

He made a generic earthing product from metalized duct tape, which he connected to a grounding rod, inserted in the earth outside his apartment window; A wire connected the grounding rod to the earthing device he’d created.

When he laid down on it and looked at the voltmeter reading, it showed nearly zero.  He knew from is experience in the cable industry that this meant he was at the same electrical potential as the earth.

What happened next was a surprise.  He woke up the next morning with the voltmeter on his chest.  He had not been sleeping well for quite some time so this was a big deal for Clint.

The following night Clint slept the same way and had a sound sleep again.  He knew he was on to something and asked his friends if they’d let him repeat the experiment on them.

Clint got feedback he didn’t expect.  People with serious pain were telling him there pain was diminished or gone, others were claiming to feel generally better.

This story represents the humble beginnings of earthing products.  Since then, Clint has grounded countless numbers of people; and numerous experiments have verified a number of health benefits to the practice of grounding one’s self.

I recommend listening to an audio of the book Earthing.  If you have any questions about the efficacy of earthing, you will certainly find the answers in this book.

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Listen To Dr. Steven T. Sinatra Speak About Earthing

All you have to do is stand barefoot on the earth to get the benefits of being grounded.  It’s good to take advantage of this practice whenever you can.

Earthing products allow you to be grounded indoors.  The longer you are grounded the more benefit your body receives.  The most practical way to reap the health benefits of Earthing is to use an earthing sheet for sleeping on.

Basic earthing sheets come in the fitted variety or as a half sheet referred to as an earthing bed pad.  These grounding sheets are threaded with conductive silver wire and have a grounding cord you connect to them.  The cord plugs into the ground port of an electrical outlet.  This literally grounds you, as long as the outlet is properly grounded.

In the United States and many other countries, outlets are grounded, but you can connect your cord to a grounding rod if it’s not.

The earthing sheets are my personal favorite earthing product because they allow you to reap the benefits of being grounded, with very little effort, for extended periods of time.

I’m using an earthing mat right now, while I’m typing these words on my computer.  An earthing mat is a conductive pad that plugs in to the wall outlet the same way grounding sheets do.  You can use them a number of ways, but I generally use mine under my bare feet when I’m working on my computer.

Some other earthing products are:

Earthing Recovery Bags, which have been used by Tour De France and other athletes to recover from exercise more quickly.

Earthing Shoes

Earthing Body Bands

Earthing Beds, which are no longer available.

Earthing Throw

People with serious pain may notice the benefits of earthing more quickly, but have no doubt; The changes grounded earthing products produce in your physiology are real, whether you feel them or not.

Read Reducing Inflammation And The Earthing Connection to find out about the profound effect earthing has on inflammation and why.

If you would like to purchase earthing products make sure you get the authentic devices direct from the creators.

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