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Revealing Study Shows Earthing Reduces Blood Viscosity In Humans

Earthing reduces blood viscosity?  So what is blood viscosity and what does reducing it mean for you?

The answer to these questions can be found in a study titled, Earthing (Grounding) The Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity-A Major Factor In Cardiovascular Disease.

Blood viscosity is about how easy your blood can flow.  Increased blood viscosity is not good.  It means the blood is being acted upon by a force that makes it more difficult for it to move.  

Earthing your body initiates a physiological process that reduces the resistance to flow.  This decreased resistance to flow is decreased blood viscosity and can be very beneficial to your cardiovascular system.

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In the 2011 Earthing Study on Blood Viscosity, the researchers examined the effects of Earthing on 2 aspects of our physiology.  They wanted to see how it affected zeta potential of red blood cells; and also to what degree it affected the clumping of red blood cells (red blood cell aggregation).

The researchers did controlled tests on the blood taken from people who participated in the study.  They took blood from them immediately before grounding, and again at the end of a 2 hour Earthing session, before disconnecting the subjects from the Ground.

The results were profound.  They revealed Earthing was able to increase zeta potential by an average of 2.70 times.

Red blood cell clumping was also reduced significantly through Earthing.  The researchers determined this by counting the number of red blood cell clusters before and after grounding the subjects.

As a result of Earthing, clusters of red blood cells broke down from larger groups of cells into small groups; or single cells, which were completely separated from the other red blood cells.

It is the increased Zeta potential, attributed to Earthing, that creates the magic.  Increased Zeta potential means increased surface charge, in a very basic way.  This surface charge is repulsive to other cells with the same charge, and it creates space between them; That’s why the red blood cells break apart from each other.

This chain reaction leads to lower resistance to the flow of blood; or lower blood viscosity.  Researchers believe lowering blood viscosity has benefits to your cardiovascular system; and there’s a lot of evidence to support their belief.

There’s also a growing body of research that associates high blood viscosity, with conditions like hypertension and occlusive arterial disease, among other unfavorable physical conditions.

Grounding yourself is an effective means of reducing blood viscosity, and it has no harmful side effects.  It’s probably the most simple thing, with the most benefits, you can add into your life to improve your health.  All you need to do is get barefoot on the Earth to start reaping the benefits.

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