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Earthing On PBS

Earthing On PBS

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Watch the recent PBS Earthing Preview below to learn more about the health technology that’s taking the world by GROUND.

You’ll learn about the growing body of evidence that says simply connecting to the Earth can stabilize your body’s electrical energy, and might even save your life.

Some of the health benefits Earthing enthusiasts are saying reconnecting to the Earth will do for you are nothing short of amazing.

They say Earthing..

REDUCES or prevents inflammation.
REDUCES pain and stress.
SPEEDS recovery time after working out.
HELPS eliminate bedsores.
IMPROVES blood flow.
IMPROVES sleep for most people.


Courtesy Of Healing Quest and LightbridgeMedia

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The Earth Grounding movement originated with Clint Ober, the retired Cable TV Executive, who wondered what the health implications of being disconnected from the Earth’s energy might be.

As, quoted from the book Earthing, “In the cable industry, you have to ground and shield the entire cable system in every home to prevent extraneous electromagnetic signals and fields from interfering with the transmission carried through the cable.”

It’s no wonder, Clint began to wonder if grounding people might have some serious consequences.  It turns out Clint’s discovery is more than revolutionary.

As revealed in the PBS preview, Since 1998 Clint is responsible for more than 12 studies on how earth grounding affects health.

Because of Clint Ober Earthing has received a patent, as a system to help reduce, and in some cases prevent, inflammation.

Can you imagine what this means for health care?  Think about all of the pills and supplements people take because of inflammation alone, not to mention what people do for the other symptoms or conditions, Earthing seems to be a simple remedy for.

In the PBS segment terms like Electrical Energy and Earth’s Energy are commonplace.  You get the feeling Electrical energy is where the future of medicine is headed.  Sounds good to me.

Roy Walkenhorst and his Wife Judy Brooks of Healing Quest have produced a number of half hour segments on the subject of natural health for PBS.  Roy and his wife have been sleeping on an Earthing sheet, since they started researching this story.

In this PBS segment on Earthing, Roy says he believes the Earthing sheet has helped him to have DEEPER and More REJUVENATING sleep.

The message is simple.  Get reconnected to the Earth.  When we’re connected to the Earth “We we FEEL BETTER because our bodies are electrically stable,” as Clint Ober has eloquently stated.

In addition to sleeping on your choice of Earthing sheets, you can get grounded indoors with a Universal Mat, Body Bands, or an Earthing Throw.

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