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How To Start A Real Online Business

The Number 1 Thing To Do If You Want To Have A

Successful Long Term Online Business

Maybe you’ve heard what I’m about to say before, or maybe you’re brand new to the internet business Game, but one way or another, what I’m about to recommend to you is absolutely essential if you really want to succeed big time with an online business.

I heard about this from the very beginning, but unfortunately I didn’t really understand how important it was, which was definitely unfortunate for me.  Thankfully now I know, and going forward, I’ll be doing things the right way.

You see, I started having success on the internet as an affiliate marketer using SEO, and I built my business up to the point where I was making between 5,000.00 and 8,000.00 per month.  This continued for quite a while, until some things changed with the companies I was affiliated with, and my income dropped to about 5% of that almost over night.

The key that was missing from my business was a list of email subscribers.  Although I had built a very small list of subscribers, I never saw the importance of it, probably because of how well I was doing without it, until things changed.

Why Do You Need To Start An Email List Of Subscribers Now?

Building a list of subscribers who like and trust you because of the valuable information you provide them, guarantees your success long term.

As people get to know you through the relationship you build with them through your emails, they’ll be likely to buy products or services from you again and again, and even recommend others.

No matter what changes with the way search engines work, or how people search for information, your subscribers are only an email away from you.

What Is The Financial Reward For Having A List Of Email Subscribers?

It’s pretty common knowledge among Internet Marketers, that for every subscriber you have to your email list, if you’re doing things the right way, you can expect about 1.00 per month.  That means you’re only 5,000 subscribers away from a monthly income of about $5,000.00 per month.

It’s true, it depends on what type of niche market you’re in, just how valuable your subscribers can be, and it’s going to vary from one niche to the next, but however you break it down, getting started on building a list of subscribers is going to be the path to a secure online business.

So How Do You Build Your List Automatically?

It’s true it won’t be totally automatic, because you’re going to have to send people to a sign up page, which can be done in many different ways, but you’ll want to implement a system that doesn’t require you to be present in order to start getting subscribers.

You’ll want to have an Autoresponder If you haven’t used an autoresponder yourself, you’ve certainly entered your email in one if you’ve been online much at all.

Once your autoresponder is set up, it will capture names and emails for you and automatically send people a follow up series of emails, of as many emails as you put into it.

That’s real freedom; A system that works for customers and for you too.  It will do the work for you whether you’re sleeping, playing, or working on something else.

Then you can also send broadcasts to your subscribers anytime you want to communicate something in particular to them.

I hope this lesson get’s you going forward on the right path with your business.

There are many autoresponder services you can use, but I personally use and recommend AweberIt’s a pretty advanced one, and it works like a charm.

You can test it out Free for the first month through This Link HERE, and see how you like it.

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Please share your comments on building an email list below.  I love learning what you have to say.


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