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How To Eat Vegan And Not Starve

How To Survive And Even Thrive On A Vegan Diet?

Maybe your a long term Vegan or Vegetarian and you were just curious about this topic. Maybe want to know how to eat vegan but you’ve tried it and you’re feeling hungry all the time.

Regardless of how you got here, I’m going to set the record straight for you and help you to Eat Vegan Style.

First of all I want to point out that JUST Being Vegan is not necessarily healthy, as JUST Eating anything is probably not going to make you feel or look to good.

If you want to do it right, CENTER your vegan diet around a large variety of nutritionally dense whole foods.

Now we’ll get into the MEAT of being Vegan.  Meat, Dairy and Eggs have a very high percentage of calories from fat (35 – 90% of their Calories on average).  You may know that every gram of Fat has 9 calories and Carbohydrates and Proteins only have 4 calories for every gram.

This means you’re going to have to increase your portion sizes to make up for all the calories you won’t be getting from fat.  (I’m assuming you want to be healthy and you won’t be eating a lot of Vegan Junk food, which may contain a large amount of vegetable oil, which isn’t generally good for you.)

Don’t be afraid to fill your plate up with food.  If you’re eating potatoes, rice beans, corn, quinoa or other HIGH carbohydrate foods, you’ll want to eat very BIG portions to keep yourself from going hungry.  Don’t worry.  Carbohydrates don’t make you fat.  (There’s plenty of evidence to support this, and I will address this further in future articles and videos.)

Many people believe that High Carb Low Fat Vegan Foods are the best.  Most people consider all grains, legumes, potatoes and other root vegetables, and fruits high carbohydrate foods, which is true.  What’s also true is all of these foods include protein and fat as well; and enough protein and fat to meet your needs as long as your getting enough calories from a variety of them.

An average adult can easily eat a FULL plate of most of the foods mentioned here, and that’s a good thing to do if you’ve been feeling undernourished and you want to STAY STRONG.

When it comes to eating fruits I think bananas are one that’s always worth mentioning.  Bananas can be a meal that will satiate you for hours, but don’t think Eating 1 or 2 will cut it; Eat 5-10.

My favorite way to eat bananas is blended with water.  They are a pleasure to consume as a smoothie.  Try them with Greens, Dates, Strawberries or Raisins as well, but however you do it consume a lot of them.

Some people who follow the high carb low fat vegan way use barely any overt fat to get extra calories.  Overt fats are things like vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and seeds; I used to consume a lot more of these foods and I’ve cut back on them and increased my general Food Consumption to make up for the lost calories from the overtly fatty foods.

Generally I do believe it’s a very good thing to avoid almost all vegetable oils.  As far as nuts, seeds, and avocados are concerned I wouldn’t be worried about having some, but it’s important to realize small portions increase your overall caloric intake pretty rapidly.

I suppose consuming the fattier foods is a great way to keep yourself from going hungry on a vegan diet, but moderation may be best for a number of reasons when it comes to these overt fats. (I’ll cover that more in other articles as well.)

So…  Eat Big as a Vegan or Vegetarian, and I promise….. You WON’T starve.

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