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30 Day Vegan Challenge Results

30 Days Vegan And Ready For More

I’ve got the report for you. It’s been thirty days, one full month being vegan, and I want you to know that I am still feeling good, WITHOUT the dairy.

I’m going to continue on Being Vegan now because I am enjoying it, and Overall, I’m feeling better.

I haven’t lost any weight, which is good as I was a little concerned I was gonna lose too much weight. Sure… I still could lose a little bit of weight around my midsection, but the good thing is, since I started this 30 Day Vegan Challenge I have kept ALL my Lean Muscle Mass, and I may have even gained some.

So… I haven’t lost any of my lean muscle mass, But….. I have LOST some Body FAT! Not bad huh?

In addition to being vegan, I’ve cut back, even MORE than before, on my overall caffeine consumption, which may also be contributing to feeling generally better.

As you may know, I completely gave up the Coffee, but I’ve still been having some Yerba Mate, and Homemade Cacao Drink; just less than before. If you’ve been thinking about cutting back on Caffeine or Giving it up completely, you should give it a try. I think you’ll feel better.

To make sure I still have all the energy I need, and I don’t lose too much weight Being Vegan, I’ve been replacing a lot of the dairy calories I was getting before with Carbohydrates from whole foods; including Green Smoothies with a lot of Bananas.

I’ve been eating as many as 12 bananas in my smoothies some days with 1/4 to 1/2 pound of greens. Greens give you a lot of calcium along with a broad range of other good minerals, so they’re great for replacing the Dairy.

So…. Now that my 30 Day Vegan Challenge is up, I’m going to continue Being Vegan. I’ll keep you posted as I progress in this Vegan Adventure, and I’ll definitely let you know if I Quit Being Vegan.

What about you?  Are you willing to go VEGAN for 30 days?  Please share your comments and criticisms below.

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