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Why Vegetarian Vs Meat Eater?

The Fit Vegetarian’s Dilemma

Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan?  Maybe you’re NOT, and you actually have a problem with people who DON’T eat meat; Or Maybe you’ve wondered if Going Vegan or Vegetarian will make you more healthy.

You might be interested in what I have to say.

I used to think being Vegan or Vegetarian was more healthful than being a person who eats meat; Now this whole idea has come into question.

First off, I want you to know I’m remaining Vegetarian/Vegan, at least for now, but the big question is Why?

I’ve been Vegan or Vegetarian for about 17 years now, and recently I’ve really started to wonder if I am more healthy.  I’m more healthy in certain ways than I used to be for sure, but……

All along I’ve been listening to people who advocate eating animal products and lately Those MEAT Eaters really got to me; Especially those with a story about being Vegan or Vegetarian and beginning to eat some animals again and seeing improvements in their health.

These things being said, I was really struggling recently, wondering if my kids would be better off if we were more NORMAL (Like those who eat animals.)

So…. I had to really wonder if we should remain Vegetarians, and if so WHY?

As you know from reading here, We are still Vegetarians and it comes down to this; We don’t feel good about killing animals.  If I was okay with killing animals again, as I HAVE before, I might jump right back in to experimenting with eating Meat to see what would happen.

After all, I have a very great understanding of preparing foods in a healthful way, and if meat WERE Healthful to eat, I’d know the most healthful ways to eat it, and probably even how often eating it would be ideal..   But I won’t for now.

I want to be clear, I’m NOT advocating eating animals.  I only want to share who I am and what my experience is HONESTLY, so you can better make your own decisions.

The thing in my life that’s become the MOST important is TRUTH.  The truth of who I AM to start with.  I’ve realized that form many years I’ve wanted to be the Vegan or Vegetarian EXPERT who KNEW being Vegan or Vegetarian was better for your health.

Now I Know… I DON’T Know if being Vegan or Vegetarian is better for your health; And I want you to know this about me because I’ve come to believe one of the most important things for me IS to be Authentic.

So…  Is Vegan Healthy At All?

Sure…  Being Vegan CAN be healthy and it COULD be the very BEST thing for your health.  You can surely live on a Vegan diet and some people are thriving on it.

I have been Vegan for a good percentage of the time I’ve been vegetarian and I’ve been able to perform above average athletically during that time and rarely gotten sick.

It’s also possible that the MEAT Eaters are right, and you really need some of the nutrients in abundance, they claim are only found in ABUNDANCE in meat.

It’s also true that a person can die from eating TOO much animal liver eaten in one serving because of the extremely high amount of Vitamin A it contains.  This is just one example. (I will cover more about what’s good about Vegetarian Diets and Why some people claim that Meat is not only okay, but Good in other articles.)

For now I just wanted to make this confession; That I don’t know 100% for sure if being Vegetarian is better for your health than continuing to eat some Animal Flesh, and let you know why I AM remaining Vegan for now.

Please comment on and criticize what I’ve revealed here, and share your own experience with Vegetarian Vs Meat Eater diets.

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