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Day 18 Of Being Vegan

The Drama Of Being Vegan Continues

This is Sye of The Organic Adventure Show reporting further to you on my Being Vegan Experience.  It’s the 21st of October today, and I started my Vegan Experiment on the 4th, Making this day 18 of Being Vegan.

No milk and feeling good.  I have been having some caffeine, as you may know, from Yerba Mate and also from a Cacao Drink I make sometimes.

You might NOT know how I feel about Caffeine if you haven’t been watching me, but just to let you know, Me having Caffeine, doesn’t mean I think it’s good for a person; It’s kind of a weakness for me to have it.  I’m only telling you this so YOU know more about what I’m doing.

But….. I already said NEVER again, Like EVER, to coffee, and I’m happy about that, and feeling really good NOT having it.

I can also say that the NO milk experience is going really good and I’m feeling more and more like I’m going to go beyond the original 30 days I committed to go without it.  Maybe I will Never go back to Dairy products.

I will be looking more into the research about milk and health, even though it’s really difficult to decipher what’s True about milk and what’s Extremely Biased.  It’s a hot topic and depending on which side of that argument the information is coming from Milk is either really bad or really good.

I can honestly report that Milk does NOT seem to help people in preventing bone fractures.  One of the original studies that brought the claims that milk was necessary for strong bones under scrutiny was led by Kendrin R. Sonneville.  The study is called Vitamin D, Calcium and Dairy Intakes and Stress Fractures Among Female Adolescents.  The researchers found that Vitamin D and high impact physical activity WERE associated with lower fracture risk, but Calcium supplementation and Dairy consumption were NOT.

There’s more research since that concludes Dairy is not associated with stronger bones, so let me know if you are interested and I’ll post more research.

So Again…, Day 17, No milk and I am feeling really happy and good so far; Feeling strong and generally better on a number of levels, except for 1, which I’m going to share with you now.

The last time that I was anything I would relate to being sick at all, although I don’t think of it as being sick as much as I think of it as form of self compromise, was last summer, in July of 2012.  I lost my voice and was feeling very congested, but I DIDN’T feel physically bad.

Now, for the first time in 2013, I’ve got something similar going on, although I haven’t completely lost my voice this time.  I do feel like it’s clearing up now, but I have some suspicion that what’s going on is related to the changes taking place as a result of stopping dairy intake; and maybe congestion created from it’s consumption is being purged by my body.

So that’s my experience Being Vegan so far.  Sign up for my Free Email Series called The Raw Food Afterthought and I’ll keep you updated on my Vegan Experiment, and More.

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