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A Vegan Experiment

Vegetarian Goes No Milk For Vegan Experiment

Hey Everybody.  It’s Sye Rodrigues, the Fit Vegetarian from the Organic Adventure Show, reporting back to you about the Vegan Experience I’m having.  It’s been about 10 days since I stopped having Dairy Products.  The 4th of November 2013 will be a full month of being Vegan.

You may know from following me, I have been eating Vegetarian for a long time, and I recently decided I was going to eliminate milk from my diet for now; And see if I wanna keep it that way.  Maybe I’ll keep being Vegan after the 30 days are up, if I’m liking how it’s going; And so far, I am.…..

My sinuses are definitely feeling a lot more clear, and I can say I’m feeling generally better.  My senses all feel a little bit more awake.  I have probably lost a little bit of weight and I’m still feeling real strong.  Time will tell if these benefits continue, so let’s see how it goes.

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Part 1 Of Vegan Experiment: No Milk Or Other Dairy For 30 Days.

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