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Do High Carbohydrate Diets Cause High Blood Sugar?

Are Fruits And Other Carbohydrate Rich Foods Destroying Your Health?

To answer this question, I went and got my blood tested to check my cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride levels.

You may be aware of the Low Carbohydrate Craze that’s been hitting the main stream media pretty hard.  Robert Atkins was the first person I learned about, that supported this way of eating.  More recently the Paleo Diet Authors have been spreading their Low Carb Propaganda.

Here’s a good question to ask anyone who claims they eat LOW Carb:

What did you eat today?

From my own observations there aren’t really too many people who truly eat Low Carbohydrate.  Supporters of these types of diets usually eat plenty of carbs, but have some idea about how they are going to lower their carbohydrate intake.

Carbohydrates are the fuel are bodies burn most easily, so it’s a long jump to think you can limit your carbohydrates for the long term and be truly healthy.

So Why Am I Going On About Low Carbohydrate Diet Promoters When This Article Is About Whether Or Not High Carbohydrate Diets Cause High Blood Sugar Levels?

Okay…  Fair enough.  I’ll answer that and get to the point.

Many of the Low Carb Dogma producers say vegetarian diets are unhealthy and high carbohydrate diets cause everything from elevated triglycerides, to high blood sugar, brain rotting and more.

I can say from my own experience eating a high carbohydrate, plant based diet for many years, I am healthy; And the people speaking about high carb diets being bad for your health, are speaking from a place of ignorance.

To be clear, if a person eats a high carbohydrate diet that consists of lots of flours, refined sugars, and oil, I’m sure it’s real UNHEALTHY for them.  Eating that way will have negative health consequences no matter what else you are eating.  But… Eating very high amounts of Carbohydrates from Fruits, Grains, Starchy Vegetables and Beans is not the same thing at all.

My blood test proves you can eat high carb and be extremely healthy.  My wife’s blood test was even better than mine.  That may be because I have had more dairy products than her, which is about to change.  You can learn about what I’m doing with Milk HERE.

For anyone who wants to know the actual results you can see them below or in the video on this page.

My Wife’s and My Blood Test Results For Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Blood Sugar:

Total Cholesterol

169 Me

144 Wife

HDL – Good Cholesterol

49 Me

68 Wife

LDL – Bad Cholesterol

106 Me

To Low To Measure Because Of Low Triglycerides Wife


68 Me

Less Than 45 Wife

Total Cholesterol Ratio

3.5 Me

2.1 Wife

Fasting Blood Sugar

83 Me

77 Wife

If you know your numbers, you’ll be able to tell we are both in great health according to these measures of our cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

My wife’s scores are so good the testers wrote A+ on her report and called her a Rock Star.  Results beat theory when it comes to Reality.

I think it’s fair to say a high carbohydrate diet does not cause high blood sugar.  Do beware of eating lots of carbohydrates if you’re also consuming large amounts of fat in any form.  Dr. Doug Graham, who wrote the 80-10-10 Book says it’s the fat in the diet that keeps the sugar in your blood for too long, leading to high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

So…. Eat high carb and cut out most of the fat from your diet, and you’ll never have to worry about high blood sugar.

Please leave your comments for or against eating high Carb; or in any way related to this information below.

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