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Who Eats Chlorella Pyrenoidosa?

I Eat Chlorella

Chlorella is an amazing food with lots of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), and amino acids, including all of the essential ones.  It is a single celled green algae, and is known for having the highest chlorophyll content of any plant in the world.  Chlorella also possesses the Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF.

CGF causes chlorella to quadruple itself in 48 hours.  This property also causes the beneficial bacteria, lactobacillus, to multiply at four times the normal rate in the gut when consumed, which improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  Chlorella also has the capacity to assist in the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Chlorella has the beneficial enzymes, chlorophyllase and pepsin, which assist in a number of bodily functions.  It contains high amounts of magnesium, which is responsible for over 300 enzyme actions in the body.

Chlorella has also been shown to promote production of interferon levels in the body, which in turn create more t cells and macrophages.  Macrophages help to surround and get rid of foreign substances in the body and t cells are a line of defense against things like viruses and cancer.

Chlorella is a truly an amazing food.  What is written here is a summary of the benefits and I have not mentioned them all.

“The Japanese Government was obliged to introduce quality standards to control the importation of Chlorella because of the disparity between grades and purity values. In 1995 our Chlorella became the only producer ever to be licensed to import and sell their products with an official health food recognition seal in Japan.”  The previous statement is quoted from Ultimate Super Foods website.




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