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Where Do Free Electrons On The Earth’s Surface Come From?

Where Do Free Electrons On the Earth’s surface come from?

Free Electrons And EarthingIn our study of Earthing, we have learned about the FREE Electrons on the surface of the Earth; and that they are BENEFICIAL to OUR health.  We know these Free Electrons are able to Reduce Inflammation and Pain, and help people to SLEEP better, in addition to other CONSIDERABLE benefits.  But what are free electrons exactly; NOT to mention, How does the Earth supply them to us and Why does the Earth’s Surface contain an unlimited supply of them?

As defined by The Free Dictionary, a Free Electron is “any electron that is not attached to an ion, atom, or molecule and is free to move under the influence of an applied electric or magnetic field.”

Our bodies are able to CONDUCT these free electrons because of the high amount of charged IONS in the fluids of our bodies, called ELECTROLYTES.  Some examples of these Electrolytes are Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

That was easy enough.  Now we have a BASIC understanding of what a Free Electron is and how the Earth supplies them to us.

A more difficult question to answer regarding the free electrons available from the Earth’s surface is “WHERE does the unlimited supply of these Free Electrons come from?”

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The answer to this question lies in some understanding of the Global Atmospheric Electrical Circuit (Global Electrical Circuit), and it’s generators.  The MAIN generators of the global electrical circuit are thunderstorms.

At any given moment there are an estimated 1000 to 2000 active thunderstorms around the globe.  These storms contribute about 5000 lightning strikes per minute which give the surface of the Earth it’s negative charge.

The Earth’s surface, being conductive, spreads this charge out around the globe, but that’s not all that’s happening.  The thunderstorms tend to follow the sun which, in combination with other influences, creates a slightly different ground potential on parts of the globe where it’s day as opposed to night.

This flux in the Electrical surface charge of the Earth contributes to a slightly different electrical potential in Humans that sleep grounded; It has a BENEFICIAL affect on hormones in our bodies, including cortisol. You can read more about Earthing and cortisol HERE.

Thunderstorms are considered the Global Generators of the circuit, which keep the electrical charge on the Earth.  It has been estimated it would only take 40 minutes to an hour for the charge to be gone, if all thunderstorm activity ceased.

If Thunderstorms were the only generators of the global electrical circuit, It might be easy to explain how the circuit works, but they’re not.  There are also local generators, which I won’t even attempt to explain here, and 2 other “Main Generators.”  The other big ones are referred to as the Ionospheric Dynamo and The Magnetospheric Dynamo.

The ionosphere is a part of the magnetosphere in our upper atmosphere.  It contains layers of electrically charged particles.  The magnetosphere traps these charged particles in the Earth’s magnetic field and dominates their behavior.

Through a very complex series of INTERCONNECTED Actions and Reactions, The Sun, the Ionosphere, the Magnetosphere, Thunderstorms and the Earth’s surface INFLUENCE each other through their changing electrical CHARGES and corresponding DISCHARGES.

This is a very BASIC summary of the Global Electrical Circuit that maintains the NEGATIVELY charged Earth Surface, and allows us to take advantage of the Health BENEFITING free electrons through contact with it.

In case YOU are a person that likes to get into the very technical details of how things work, I’ve linked to a document at the Earthing Institute HERE that explains this process in SERIOUS depth.  It hurt my brain a little to TRY and comprehend it completely, but it was worth it.

In case you know a lot about this subject and want to contribute YOUR brilliance to this post, I’ve left the comments open for You to spread the enlightenment.

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