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The Sunflower Earthing Experiment

The Sunflower Earthing Experiment

Shop Earthing.comCould the effects of Earthing on sunflowers have implications for your own health?  As reported in Health Freedom News, sunflowers live longer in a vase of water when grounded, than ungrounded sunflowers.

If you’re familiar with Earthing, you already know it’s the practice of physically being in touch with the earth.  The practice of earthing has a number of benefits, which have been confirmed in studies and reported by the thousands of people experiencing it.

The sunflower study is yet another confirmation that earthing works, and shows it’s possible to conduct the energy of the earth from the ground to another spot, through any kind of conductive material.

At the University of Arizona, Dr. Schwartz, PhD, has been conducting his own experiments on the effects of Earthing Plants.  In his recent study, sunflowers placed in grounded vases of water, lived 10 days longer than ungrounded ones.

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In the earthing study, 4 sunflowers, which all came from the same place and were picked at the same time, were placed into 4 vases of water.  The water was also from the same source.

Wires were connected to metal rods, which were placed in each of the vases containing sunflowers.  The wires were then plugged into the grounding ports of 2 different electrical outlets; The grounding ports being the 3rd hole of the electrical outlet, which is generally connected directly to the earth.

One of the ports was grounded, while the other was not actually connected to the earth.  The person conducting the experiment was unaware of which outlet was grounded, and was instructed to plug 2 wires into each outlet.

By day 7 of this earthing experiment, 2 of the sunflowers were drooping and dead;  The water in the vases of those 2 sunflowers was also cloudy and dark.

The other 2 sunflowers were alive and looked almost exactly the same as the day they were put into the vases.  The water these sunflowers were placed in was just as clean as the day the experiment began.

The sunflowers that were still alive and vibrant after 7 days were the ones that were connected to the truly grounded outlet; and they went on to live another 10 days.

This earthing experiment shows it really makes a difference to be grounded, and that you can draw the electrical energy of the earth into a building, including your home.

Earthing is free for us.  All we have to do is get our bare skin in touch with the earth and our bodies resynchronize to the earth’s electrical potential.  This is our natural state; and other studies have shown the benefits of earthing on human health.

Clint Ober, the primary author of Earthing, and the person who discovered that grounding yourself has benefits, has created a number of earthing products.

What’s great about these earthing devices is they make it practical to be connected to the earth for longer periods of time.  Earthing Sheets are conductive sheets, you can sleep on.  They make it possible to get the benefits of earthing, all night long while you’re sleeping.

I have an earthing mat under my feet right now, and I use it everyday when I work on my computer.  I’ve noticed a lot of beneficial changes since I started using these earthing products.

You can listen to a free audio of the book Earthing, while it’s available, by clicking here.  It is fascinating, and will surely make you want to be grounded as much as possible.

If you are ready to start receiving the benefits of earthing while you sleep and work, have a look at the official line of earthing products.

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