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Doctor Credibility Brings Earthing Into The Mainstream

Shop Earthing.comDo you know what Earthing is?  If you haven’t heard anyone talking about it, that’s likely to change soon.  Recently Earthing surfaced on National television on the Dr. Oz show.

More doctors are spreading the message about Earthing and it’s a powerful one.  There’s one Doctor who’s been spreading the message about Earthing for quite awhile now.  That’s Dr. Steven T. Sinatra.

Dr. Sinatra is a cardiologist and he’s one of the authors of the life changing book, Earthing ~ The most important health discovery Ever?

In the book Earthing, Dr. Sinatra writes about the physiological changes that take place when someone gets in direct contact with the Earth.  That’s all Earthing is; the practice of getting benefits from the earth by physically touching it.

Up to this point, it hasn’t been well known that the Earth has a subtle electrical charge, which has substantial health benefits for those who take advantage of it.

Dr. Sinatra refers to Earthing as energy medicine, and reveals what happens to your blood when you practice Earthing; Your blood gets thinner.  From the standpoint of a cardiologist, this is a great thing.

Thick blood, as described by Dr. Sinatra doesn’t flow well.  He goes on to inform us that thick blood is typical in diabetics and people with heart disease.  Thick blood doesn’t flow well so it doesn’t deliver nutrients and oxygen as well.  It’s also more likely to lead to blood clots.

You can begin to see why thinner blood can benefit health.  The reason the blood becomes thinner when you’re Earthing, has to do with the electrons on the surface of the earth.

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Dr. Mercola also described the nature of what happens with these electrons, when you touch the Earth, on the Dr. Oz show recently.  These electrons flow from the earth into your body and there’s an unlimited supply of them.

These electrons affect our physiology in a number of ways, and they give red blood cells an electrical charge called zeta potential.  This charge repels individual red blood cells from each other, making them more active, and at the same time thinning the blood.

If you look at the red blood cells of most of the population, before grounding, the cells stick together.  After Earthing for as little as 1/2 hour you can see the red blood cells move apart from each other and regain their round shape.

As Dr. Mercola states on the Dr. Oz Show, these electrons are like antioxidants.  They neutralize free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation.

The inflammation reducing power of Earthing has far reaching implications, as the majority of major diseases are associated with chronic inflammation.  Thousands of people have reported profound health changes as a result of grounding on a regular basis.

Dr. Christy Westen And Earthing For Vitamin G?

Another Dr. has been appearing on the Earthing seen frequently lately, and she’s very enthusiastic about getting the message about Earthing out to the entire world.

At the Women’s Wellness Conference in 2012, Dr. Christy spoke about a vitamin you probably haven’t heard of.  She called it Vitamin G.  Now there’s technically no vitamin G, but it’s a great way to think about it.

Vitamin G is for the ground, as Dr. Christy explained.  You get vitamin D from the sun and vitamin G from the ground.

From the research up to this point, it appears Earthing (grounding) is as important for the health as the sun.  You can read about the effects of  “Earthing sunflowers” here, to learn about an experiment Dr. Christy refers to about the power of Earthing.

Dr. Christy spoke about how sleeping grounded has the ability to bring cortisol levels back to normal.  Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone, because it rises in response to stress.

In a person with normal cortisol, levels are low at night, which is good because a restful sleep requires the hormone to be low.  The cortisol levels of the same individual rise in the morning, and this helps them to wake up.

We are only scratching the surface here; The benefits of Earthing are truly life changing.

The doctors mentioned here are only a representation of the many doctors that are excited about Earthing for improved health.

You can experience the benefits of Earthing for free, anytime you get your bare skin in contact with the Earth.

For the convenience of grounding yourself longer, and indoors, there are a number of Earthing products you can choose from.  You can sleep on a number of different types of earthing sheets and use an earthing mat around the house, for example.

The more time you spend Earthing the better; That is our natural state.  Start off getting barefoot outside, where it’s safe, and see if you notice a difference.

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Can Everyone Benefit From Earthing?