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Earthing Is Backed By Science

Shop Earthing.comAre you wondering if Earthing Can Really Help You?

This post, about a confrontation I had the other day, will answer your question about whether or not Earthing is real, and if it’s a truly beneficial practice, that anyone can do for free.

I was doing some grocery shopping the other day and ran into a friend on my way out of the store.  I’d just seen him a few weeks before and had given him a business card about Earthing.

I said Hi and asked how he was, and received a confusing response.  He told me he was surprised by me.  I wasn’t sure what he was getting at for a minute, then Earthing popped into my head.

I asked him if he meant he’d checked out the earthing website, I’d referred him to, and if he thought it was cool.

His answer is what really got me.  “I think your website’s a bunch of fear based crap?”

What, I said, a little surprised?

“I’m surprised at you, of all people,” said Dave, “promoting fear, by trying to convince people they need something out side of themselves to be okay?”

That’s when I knew he had a misunderstanding about what Earthing was.  I asked Dave what it was about being barefoot on the earth he thought wasn’t good; and if he really believed it didn’t make a difference.

He revealed he had nothing against being barefoot, and then told me people didn’t need to be barefoot to be grounded; That he could be on top of a skyscraper with shoes on and still ground himself.

I have some voltmeter test videos, that show a change takes place on your body when you physically ground yourself, so I asked him if he’d watched the videos on my website.

This is when I found out he’d barely begun to read about Earthing and hadn’t seen the videos.  He really didn’t know too much about Earthing.  He was disturbed that I was promoting the use of Earthing Products to ground yourself indoors; and insisted people didn’t need to buy anything to get grounded.

I agreed with Dave, that anyone can get grounded for free by getting their bare skin in contact with the earth, and asked him if he really thought he could ground himself, to the same electrical potential of the earth, without physically touching it.

Dave insisted that he could, so I asked him if he wanted to do a voltmeter test on himself to see if he could really do it.  He has agreed he will, but we haven’t done that yet.

The point here, is Dave has a different definition of grounding than the one Earthing is referring to; and he hasn’t seen Earthing work, so he doesn’t understand that it’s a scientific fact; Being in contact with the Earth changes your physiology .

It’s understandable that Dave doesn’t understand Earthing at this point.  Most people, at the time of this writing, have never heard of Earthing, not to mention, seen Earthing work.  You can watch the videos I’ve made to see a voltmeter test on Earthing Sheets and Earthing Mats.

You’ll be able to verify, Earthing creates a change in the voltage on the body, and this change has a number of benefits.  You can read about some of the benefits of Earthing by clicking here.

Earthing is not a scam or new age theory.  Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing.com and discoverer of Earthing, has been grounding people since 1998, and has performed a number of experiments, which reveal a number of Earthing benefits.

The discovery of Earthing is nothing less than profound.  You can listen to a an audio of the Earthing book, which if being made available free to you, for now.  It will answer most, if not all of your questions about Earthing.

The Earthing book is fascinating, but what makes it great, is the reality it reveals.

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I’ll be sure to post about it on this website, if Dave ever does allow me to do voltmeter test on him.  If he can get himself to the potential of the ground without touching the earth, or a grounded earthing product, I’ll be more than surprised.  He will have broken the laws of science, which will be truly amazing.

If you were unsure about Earthing, I hope the information here has overcome your concern, so you’ll start grounding yourself, and experience the real benefits of Earthing.

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