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Support For A Vegan Diet

Think A Vegan Diet Works?  Think You Have To Be A Nutcase To Be Vegan Long term?

Here is evidence that the Vegan Diet works and you can thrive on it.

I just listened to this DurianRider Video and I thought it would be appropriate to open this post up with it.

The language isn’t all that great, but durianrider does make some excellent points about the Vegan Diet so here it is.

Top 10 Comments Vegans Get

I like how Durianrider calls Meat Eaters out on the Iron question.  Many people seem to think that Iron isn’t available in plants, or the Iron from animal flesh (Heme Iron) is superior to plant Iron.

Heme Iron might be more bioavailable but a plant based diet tends to have higher amounts of Iron, so the vegan will get what they need, provided they are eating real foods as opposed to pastries.

The good thing about plant sources of Iron is you can’t overdose on it, as you can with animal flesh iron.  Too much iron leads to a condition called haemochromatosis and it causes all kinds of serious health problems.

That’s just one of the misconceptions Durianrider exposes in the video above.

Please share your comments and criticisms of the vegan diet below.  As long as it’s relevant, all comments are welcome.

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