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Fitbit Flex Review And Price – How Do Others Like It And Is It For You?

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fitbit Flex

What’s the main Fitbit competitor? Where can you buy Fitbit for the best deal and how much will it cost?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and a lot more right here on this page.

Fitbit Flex Video Review

The Fitbit Flex is a body monitor that tracks your sleep and activity; It will even wake you up in the morning if you want it to; And it does more than that.

Flex is the latest activity tracker brought to you by Fitbit. It has a sleek fashionable design and is worn as a wrist band. Some say the Flex is an upgrade from Fitbit One because you can wear it on your wrist, unlike the Fitbit ONE activity tracker, which most users carry in their pockets.

In addition to meeting the client demand for something that Fitbit’s users could easily wear, Fitbit has kept the price point reasonable at approximately $10.00 more than the ONE.

How Does Fitbit Flex Work?

The main technology Fitbit Flex and other activity trackers use is something called an accelerometer. The accelerometer tracks your movements and calculates how many calories you’ve burned, and the specific number of steps you’ve taken.

In order for the Flex to make the kinds of calculations it does, it needs to have data about you specifically. You’ll go online to your Fitbit account and enter your height, weight, age, etc., and the Flex makes it’s calculations based upon your input.

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What Can The Fitbit Flex Do?

It’s great to get information and read reviews from as many legitimate sources as you can to find out if the product your looking at is right for you. I’ve done my best to put together an unbiased review about Fitbit Flex, so you really know ahead of time what you’re about to get.

It is important to know, however, that there are a few negative reviews about Fitbit Flex circulating from people who have owned the device for a couple of days and don’t really understand it all that well.

Knowing what you can expect it to do before purchasing is will surely help you to see if Fitbit Flex is the best Activity Tracker for you.

So What Can Fit Bit Flex Do?

The main thing you can expect Fitbit Flex to do is track your running and walking steps. This is how Fitbit calculates the calories you’ve burned.

Some people have said Fitbit Flex is inaccurate at making correct calculations of your stride, and this could be attributed to 2 possible factors.

First, it’s possible that your stride length is a little different than the average of someone your height and weight. If you find this is true for you, you can re calibrate your walking and running stride in your Fitbit Account Settings.

Others have said Flex doesn’t accurately track steps or calories burned because the types of wrist movements you make during the day won’t always be accurately interpreted. Because of this some people prefer Fitbit One, which can be kept in your pocket or clipped on your body somewhere other than your wrist. This keeps it from misunderstanding some of the movements you make with your wrist.

It’s important to be aware that any activity tracker you wear on your wrist is subject to inaccurate interpretations of wrist movements, so your decision to buy Fitbit Flex or another wrist activity tracker shouldn’t be determined by this flaw specifically.

Lets look at some of the other things Fitbit Flex can do.

You can set it to wake you up in the morning at a specific time. It has a vibrating alarm; and because it’s on your wrist, it will only wake you up.

It helps to keep you motivated. There are five LED lights on the Fitbit Flex. Each light represents 20% of your goal. Once all of the lights are lit up you know you’ve achieved your goal for the day.

Your Free Fitbit Dashboard account allows you to check all of your statistics anytime you have access to your computer or compatible hand held device. Your dashboard is where you’ll set goals for yourself to increase your activity. You can set it to notify you when your reach your goal in steps, distance or calories.

Your Flex will even track how many hours you were sleeping vs how long you were in bed, not to mention how many times you woke up.

Your Flex shares your statistics wirelessly with your PC or Macintosh. It is also compatible with some android devices, and iPhone models. If buying a Flex depends on whether or not it will sync to your phone specifically, you’ll want to check Fitbit.com to make sure your device is one that’s compatible.

What Are The Most Frequent Complaints About Fitbit Flex

Over all the Fitbit Flex gets pretty good reviews compared to other Activity Trackers but there are a few common complaints you’ll find. Those are….

The Flex is a downgrade from the One because it has no Altimeter.

The Flex has No Digital Display, which some people say is less motivating to them.

The Flex has no Altimeter.

Fitbit Flex is difficult to put on. (Keep in mind, people who’ve owned the Flex for awhile say it’s easy to put on after a week or so of wearing it, when the band has broke in a bit.)

Fitbit Flex Vs Other Activity Trackers

Fitbit Activity Trackers have been on the market awhile, so they have the test of time on their side. The company’s head start on the Fitbit competition, along with the capital they’ve raised so far, have given them the ability to test their devices and work out many flaws.

But… what are some of your other options for Activity Trackers, and how does the Fitbit Flex compare to Fitbit One And Fitbit Zip?

JawBone Vs Flex

*Flex is more comfortable to where than the Nike Jawbone Up, according to some people, but the JawBone Up is easier to put into sleep mode.

*People generally say they like the motivational support system Flex uses better than JawBone Up.

Jawbone Activity Trackers

Bodymedia Core 2 Vs Fitbit Flex

*Bodymedia Core 2 can has sensors that measure things the Flex can’t but it might not be as comfortable to wear as the Flex.

*The Core 2 will measure things like skin conductance, heat flux and body temperature; Features the Flex is not equipped with.

*The Flex is smaller and lighter and seems to go virtually unnoticed by many wearers, and the Bodymedia Core 2 straps on your upper arm. This is obviously not as comfortable as the Flex for long periods of time.

Fitbit One VS Flex VS Zip

*Fitbit One has an altimeter, which some people like for calculating things like the number of steps they’ve climbed. The Flex unfortunately does not have an altimeter. The Flex has also sacrificed the display screen featured on the One, for it’s design.

*The previous being stated, the light weight wrist band design makes it easy and convenient to where your Fitbit Flex all the time.

*Some people like this feature and other’s point out that it’s a little too much, that it’s always right there where you can see it, instead of in a pocket or clipped to your clothing. One undeniable fact is, It’s a lot more difficult to lose the Fitbit Flex compared to the One.

*Fitbit Zip has a display screen and costs less than the Flex or the One. It has no Altimeter like the One and No sleep mode or alarm, like the One and Flex have.

Get A Fit Bit Flex!

Other Things You Might Like About The Flex

Before we look at Some comparisons to other Activity Trackers, lets look at a few more features and benefits of your Fitbit Flex.

It’s water resistant, so you can shower and even swim with it, but no diving; It’s not designed to go in deep water.

The Flex has a LONG battery life. Many people go 7 to 10 days before charging it again.

It’s lightweight and convenient to wear. You don’t have to take it off for almost any reason, so it’ll be right there to help keep you motivated.

Fitbit brags about the Wireless syncing capability of the Flex that won’t drain your phone’s battery.
Devices with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology synchronize with Flex in a way that doesn’t use as much battery power.

More devices with this Bluetooth technology are available all the time, and some of the devices you can be sure already sync with Bluetooth 4 are:

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Air
Apple Mac mini
Apple iPod touch
Apple iPhone 4S and 5
Blackberry Z10
ConnectBlue AB
Microsoft Surface
Motorola Droid RAZR
Samsung All In One PC 700A3D
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Most PCs With Windows 8

For the FASHION Aware Fitbit Flex offers the ability to change out your band for color versatility. In addition to Black you can get bands for your Flex in Teal, Navy and Tangerine.

Friends with Fitbit Flex can challenge each other to see who’s the most active; If you prefer not to compete, you can cheer each other on for reaching goals.

In your Fitbit Dashboard you can set up all kinds of measures to keep you motivated and see your trends. You can even set yourself up to receive badges when you reach goals you set for yourself. Hey.. If that’s what it takes to get you motivated, Why not?

There are many compatible applications that will work with your Fitbit Flex, making it possible for you to keep track of many different aspects of your activity and Even change your life. Some of the compatible online health applications are MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Lose It, SparkPeople, Endomondo, MapMyRun.

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