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Secret Healthy Snack For Kids That Tastes Great

So You Want To Make A Healthy Snack For Your Kids… That They’ll Actually Like?

Well you’re in luck.  I’ve got a GREAT Healthy Snack Recipe for you, and the fact that my own kids Love This Snack, gives me great hope for your kids; And Even You.

I’d like for you to meet…

Kale Chips

Maybe you’ve tried Kale Chips and you KNOW they are good, or maybe the thought of eating Kale makes you Gag a little.

Don’t worry.  The Kale Chips Recipe I’m about to reveal to you REALLY tastes Great, and Kale Chips are very simple to make, provided you have a dehydrator.

Even if you don’t like greens, I’m pretty Darn Sure you and Your Kids are  going to like Kale prepared this way; And there’s more than one way to eat your Kale Chips, as you’ll soon see.

So How Do You Make Kale Chips?

You’ll Need The Following:

  • 1 – 3 Bunches Of Fresh Kale. (Organic Is Best.)
  • Flax Oil Or Olive Oil.  (I prefer Flax Oil.)
  • Good Sea Salt. (Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, or Real Salt Are Good Choices.)
  • Some Cayenne. (Only if you and your kids really like Spicy Hot.)

Directions For Preparing Your Kale Chips

Cut your Rinsed Kale Branches up into 3 to 4 pieces per average branch.

Place them in your dehydrator.

Dry between 115 and 118 degrees for 2- 3 hours.  Although you’ll compromise a few of the nutrients, you can speed the process up by setting the temperature to about 130 degrees.

Now You’re Secret Healthy Snack For Kids Is Ready To Eat.

But… What about the salt and oil, you say.

I recommend you try your Kale Chips PLAIN first.  My family and I love them that way.  After you see how they taste you’ll know if you want to spice them up.  If you do want to zest them up, go ahead and add some flax oil and sea salt to them.

You might want to try the Cayenne on your own Kale Chips, as it can be a little too HOT for many kids.

I’m sure your kids are going to like this healthy snack recipe; Plain or with the extras, you’ll be delivering Nutritious Goodness to your kids bodies.

Some Quick Kale Facts:

An average bunch of Kale has approximately this percentage of the RDI for the following nutrients:

  • Magnesium 16%
  • Iron 20%
  • Calcium – 30%
  • Vitamin C – 400% 
  • Vitamin A – 600% 
  • Vitamin K – 2000%

Think Kale Chips MIGHT Be A Health Snack For Kids?  Will you feed your own kids Kale Chips?

Please share your thoughts about Kale Chips or Healthy Snacks in General below.

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