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My 30 Day Walking Challenge Begins

Can a Personal Walking Challenge TRANSFORM your life?

I’ve decided to take it upon myself to see if walking for 30 days in a row can transform a life, and I invite you to join me if you feel so inclined.


So…  Why did I choose to walk for 30 days?

Although walking does benefit a person in a NUMBER of ways, and can result in moderate weight loss, I’ve chosen to walk for the next 30 days for 2 MAIN reasons.

  • I Love Walking.
  • I Wanted To See How Life Transformative This Single Daily Habit Could Be.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to Really Live A Life I Love.  Since walking is something I love, I decided I’d start doing it more often… NOW.

I knew that getting outside, in spite of the weather, can be adventurous, and I LOVE adventure.

An Important KNOWN Benefit Of Walking is…

It ELEVATES the mood.

Ever taken a walk when you needed to think about something, and got the CLARITY you needed while you were on the walk?

Walking produces hormones that enhance your mood, and it generally relieves stress.  For me this combination leads to TRANSFORMATION.

You’ve heard the saying, One Thing Leads To Another.

Well… Walking seems to give me Great Insights and opens me up to what other challenges I might want to take, so I can Really Live The Dream.

Will you take up your own Walking Challenge?  What are you doing to Live The Best Life Ever?

Please share your insights and experience about Walking or General Transformation; And follow me through my 30 Day Walking Challenge and Beyond.

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