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Is Your Sunscreen Safe

What You Don’t Know About Your Sunscreen Might Hurt You.

We cover what works to what’s best.  Something not included in the video is some of the information about the different cancers sunscreen has been proven to protect against and the one’s it might promote.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma(SCC) is a kind of cancer sunscreen has demonstrated an ability to protect against.  Basal Cell Carcinoma(BCC) is a kind of cancer sunscreen has no influence on.  On the other hand, sunscreen seems to put those who use it at an increased risk of Melanoma.  It is speculated, this increased risk of melanoma may be associated with people using it spending more time in the sun than others, thinking they are protected; or the main users of sunscreen could be fairer skinned people.  Whatever the reasons, this information is worth consideration.

It is also thought by some experts, the oxidation of some elements in the sunscreen creams may put people at an increased risk for cancer.  This is specifically believed to be the case of topically applied vitamin A, which is added to a large number of sunscreens.

Spray and powder sunscreens should be avoided because of the risks associated with inhalation.

Be sure to watch the video associated with this article to learn more about sunscreen including natural ways to protect yourself from the Sun.

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