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Attack The Block | Instant Sci Fi Classic

Young Gangsters Turn Hero In This Sure To Be Sci Fi Classic, Attack The Block.

John Boyega (Moses) of Attack The Block brings character out of thug to the screen, while sophisticated and cute Jodie Whittaker (Sam), brings just the right amount of sexiness and spiritedness to make this one cool alien flick.

It’s a rough block and things have just took a turn for the worse. Some young gangsters are looking for trouble and they find it on the 4th of July when aliens crash to the earth like fireworks.

It’s a run for your life ride as the local kids take on the black invaders with sharp teeth. The defenders look like villains in the start, but these british kids with their wanna be gangster style are a sweet dream compared to their predators.

It’s a bloody run from the start to the very end; and these viscous aliens will make you want these young punks, who have some redeeming qualities revealed as they battle for their lives, to kick some %&!.

Attack The Block is not just another alien movie; It’s got a cool factor that’s sure to draw it’s skeptics right in. This movie is sure to be a modern Sci Fi classic. Attack The Block is definitely Rated R for strong language, drug use and violence; so watch it at your own risk.

Sye Rodriguez gave Attack The Block 4 stars.

Sye Rodriguez Movie Reviews @ SyeRodriguez.Com

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