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Is Internet Marketing A Scam?

Should You Buy A Course On Internet Marketing?

Are Internet Marketers Bad People?

Sye Here! I just watched a video where someone was speculating about a rising star in the Internet Marketing World being a scammer.

I thought my response to him was valuable enough to post here.  What do you think?  Read the rest below.

“Hey Colton, First time I’ve seen a video from you. Wanted to let you know it’s pretty sure Tai Lopez is for real, and he probably owns 2 houses in the same area.

If you look at this video I’m linking to here, you’ll be able to see his newest car. Pretty hard to argue with this video.

In addition, Mark Cuban, the billionaire and many other successful people are at his house, the same house you showed in his video, frequently.

Also, there’s so much opportunity in Marketing in general, including internet marketing. People are getting paid on so many levels, and although there are some people that just want your money, you can purchase thousands of good courses that really teach you how to make money legitimately using the internet.

I understand how someone on the outside doesn’t see the whole picture, but I sincerely believe marketing is a great thing on so many levels.

Marketers are some of the highest paid people in the world, and it’s specifically because of the knowledge they have, that others do not. Good knowledge costs money, and that is why some people that have it sell it.

Other people would rather use the knowledge for their businesses in particular and DON’T wish for others to compete with them, but the world is full of competition.

Great thing is, there’s so much knowledge to acquire and with it comes new opportunities.

One thing people expect that is unrealistic, is for people with knowledge to share it with them for free, when that takes away from the time they could be using their own knowledge to make money themselves.

Why should someone be expected to give their time or knowledge away to strangers without charging them for it? What are your thoughts Colton?” Sye Rodriguez ( I’m quoting myself here.)

The above is my response to the video below:

It’s about this other video below:

And… Another video that you may have seen, Where Tai gives a tour of his house, which I couldn’t currently find, but you’ll probably see it as an ad in front of another video if you search for “Tai Lopez House Tour.”

I Say Tai is for real, and legitimate.  I like him, and I think what he’s doing is good.  What about you?


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