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How To Ask For What You Want And Why You Should

The Power Of Asking For What You Want

So… You Want It.  What’s STOPPING you from asking for what you want?

Maybe you’re AFRAID.  Maybe you don’t think you Deserve IT.  You might be concerned about asking for Too Much.

Whatever is stopping you from asking, If you REALLY Want something, It’s well WORTH asking for it, no MATTER What the consequences are.

The TRUTH is the consequences are probably going to be YOU Getting what you want.  But… Even if you don’t get what you want, there are OTHER reasons it’s good to ask.

 Why Should You Ask For What You Want?

First of ALL, if you’re not asking because you’re scared, this is a chance for you to GROW.  Think of asking for what you want as an ADVENTURE waiting to be had.  What if the answer is NO?  That’s okay too.  Maybe what you’re asking for is not what’s best for you at this time, but how will you KNOW, unless you ask.

Asking for what you want is EMPOWERING and it also helps you to be MORE Free.

If you are scared, once you ask, you might feel some kind of adrenaline response in your body.  This is a good natural high, and you’ll also realize your FEAR of asking was based on your imagination telling you a story that’s NOT Real.

You will only KNOW the REAL outcome after you ask for what you want, and you’ll be able to move forward from there; And you won’t be left wondering, What might have been, had you asked.

When it comes down to whether or not you DESERVE what you are asking for, you can think about it this way…

Life is about Giving and Receiving, so ASKING for something gives someone else a chance to Give, which often makes them feel Good.  You getting something you want, will LIKELY make you feel better about LIVING.

This process makes YOU a Happier person, and more likely to help someone else when they need it.  You being a happier person also makes you a more pleasant person to be around, which is also a kind of GIFT to others.

If you’re concerned you are asking for Too Much, realize you’re not going to know until you do ask.

It should HELP you to let go of the outcome.  Think of it as your job to ask, but NOT to worry about what the answer is going to be.

Think about living your life in a way that is for the Highest Good of yourself and OTHERS.  This way when you ask, you know that WHATEVER the answer is, it’s what is for the BEST, for all concerned.  This will keep you from being desperate. 

Desperation has a way of pushing what we want further from us.  Think about the Boyfriend/Girlfriend, you may have had, that wanted you So Bad, it made you want to RUN for the door.

Be content with whatever the answer is, and you’ll be more likely to GET whatever it is you’re asking for.

The bottom line is, you are YOU, and you want certain things from time to time.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something.  In order for people to know you and for you to be FREE to be who you Are, you need to be able to EXPRESS yourself.  This self expression is probably one of the things you NEED the most.

So… Go ahead and ask for what you want.  It’s an adventure waiting to be had; And……  You Just Might Get What You Want.

I hope this helps.

Please share your experience, comments or questions about How to ask for what you want below.

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