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How To Live Your Dream Life ~ Little Know Secrets To Help You In Your Transformation

Living The Dream

So you want to live your dream?  Believe me when I say, I’m not surprised.  Why would you want to live any life other than the BEST life you can dream of?

But where do you begin?  Is it really possible to have an awesome life where you get to be your own Super Hero, and create a reality that brings you joy, happiness, and even The MEANS to do the things you love to do the most?  Or… Is that stuff of your dreams just a bunch of New Age Nonsense people pretend to know about to get your Money?

I believe, and even have real life experience that tells me, You Truly CAN live an Amazing Life, and transform the reality in which you live.

So… How do you do it?  How can you begin to transform your life for the better?  I’m about to share some things that are going to help you become a better, and hopefully the Best YOU, You can imagine.

I’d like to start with a quote I heard from a man called Joel Salatin.

“If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Poorly… FIRST.”

You must begin NOW, and you’ll have to accept the fact, You’re probably going to start the process off very Im-PERFECTLY.  I wasn’t always a good writer, but each time I do it, I get a little better.

Perhaps something more challenging than Living the life of your dreams, is knowing WHAT the life of your dreams is.  If you’ve got your dream down, and know what it is, you are going to be able to get there a lot faster; but just in case you don’t, you’re going to want to start with this very important practice, which you’ll want to make a habit of.

Write Your Dreams Down!

You may have some vague idea of what your dream life looks like, but that’s not enough.  There truly is power in the words you write, and I’ll give you an example of that from my own life in a moment.

You don’t need to figure it all out right now.  Just start writing down the things that make you Happy, or bring you Joy.  Think about what your VALUES in life are, and write those down.  If there are things you know you’d like to do in your life time, write those down.

The process of writing them down will reinforce those dreams and there’s some kind of Magic in the process.  I’ve noticed that many of the things I’ve written down, have Manifested, and many other people have had this experience as well.

One of my most recent experiences with writing something down that I wanted, took place over this passed weekend, as I’m writing this.

I’m INTO health, and have wanted to become the Most Healthy Person for my own good, and also so I could Teach others how to be Amazingly Healthy.  I went to a health event this passed weekend, and when I arrived, I was given a survey to fill out.

One of the questions on the survey was something along the lines of “Who would you like to see on stage at the next Longevity Conference?”

There were a number of people on the survey that I could choose from, and a space that said OTHER.  Well guess who I put in the space that said other.  You guessed it, I put my own name… Sye Rodriguez.

Just so you know, I’ve been wanting to speak at a longevity conference for a number of years, but I was unsure of myself and felt a little unworthy.

More recently I gained some self confidence and thought I might be Good Enough to get up there some day.

Well, on the second day of the conference which happened to be my Birthday, I found myself on the stage, speaking to an audience of 1500 people.  What a feeling it was, and after I’d said my 5 minutes or so, I told the audience Thank You So Much For Listening To Me, I’m So Happy To Be Up Here.” And I was happy; I was Living My Dream even sooner than I ever imagined.

There’s another principle I revealed a moment ago, that will help you to Live YOUR Dream.

That is….

Believing You Are Worthy.

If you need a reason to believe you are worthy, Use this…

You living a happy and fulfilling life is not only good for you, It’s good for OTHERS.  You will be much more pleasant to be around, and maybe even INSPIRING, if you are a happy person who lives a life of meaning.  Living your dreams DOES inspire others and can also help others to live the life of their dreams.

Have Courage.

Learn To Focus On What You Want Instead Of What You Fear.  Fears will come up, but you can overcome them by focusing on what you actually want.  Your mind can only FOCUS on one thing at a time, so use that to your benefit and focus in on what you Want.

Don’t be afraid to ask God and Others for what you want.  You might not always get the answer you want, but asking has power and makes the possibility of getting what you want higher; It also opens up doors and breaks down walls.

Part of living your dream involves being Authentic.  Being Authentic involves sharing your dreams with others and expressing what it is you desire.  It truly is a magical process, and it will help to set you FREE.

Another important thing I’m learning about living the life of my own dreams is How To Know What That Dream Is?  I’ve found it is very helpful to Learn To Want That Which Is For The Highest Good Of Myself And Others.  If it’s not going to be the BEST for everyone concerned it’s Kind of a waste of time to pursue.

You will sabotage your own efforts if your conscience tells you what you’re pursuing is NOT the Best Ever.  Being Free and Authentic means you conscience is clear.  Pursue Consciousness With Conscience.  Your conscience will guide you.

The above being stated about your conscience, you still need to overcome self imposed limitations.

Wanting is perfectly NORMAL.  It’s okay and even necessary to have Selfish Desires.  Our existence depends upon us looking out for ourselves.  So don’t beat yourself up or feel unworthy for being exactly the same as everyone else in this regard.  Everyone has Some Self Centered Motivation.

I’m not glorifying Selfishness in the least; Only pointing out it’s existence so you don’t beat yourself up about having it, or feel less deserving of Greatness that others.

I say, Create The Best You You Can Imagine, and share your gifts and talents with others.  Sharing will MAKE You Feel Worthy.

So… Let’s recapture some essentials we’ve covered about How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams and Sum things up.

  • What are your Values?  Write them down and focus in on them.
  • How Do You Love To Spend Your Time?  Start to spend time everyday doing things that you Love to Do.
  • Be Authentic.  Sharing who you really are with others will Set You Free, and begin to transform your life.

How can you share the knowledge you’ve acquired to improve the live’s of others?  Knowing How To Live Your Dream is a refinement process.  It’s a process of growth and sharing.

Regarding needs, Anthony Robins said, “We’ve got to Give and We’ve got to Grow.”

How are YOU going to Give And Grow?

May You Live The Life Of Your Dreams And Inspire Others To Do The Same.

Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts, experience or questions about Living The Dream.  Thank you.

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