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What’s The Perfect Diet?

Is There A Perfect Diet?

Originally Posted February 2, 2011

I just finished reading a list of comments on the subject of vegan diets which led into the discussion of all kinds of ways of looking at eating.  There were many opinions.  Some were of well researched foundation, while others were parroting the common health personalities in the business.  I decided to throw in my two cents and now I’m posting it here for all who wish to read about know if there is a perfect diet.

The following is my response to all of the thoughts I read.

Very interesting perspectives on this post. I personally witnessed one of the Authors with the biggest following of people on the internet, for the subject of health, admit he didn’t know something about the China Study, which he thought he had debunked.

That same author has hundreds, if not thousands of people, writing articles which are tweets of what he posts on his site. There may be hundreds of articles that all say the same thing, but what if the authors all based their findings on one misinformed author?

To get the facts, you need to go read the study yourself. People often say they’ve debunked something, but when you look at the sources they used to debunk it, you’ll see how their own aggressive opinion skewed what the study proved.

As far as making diets work, it’s true, if you stick to something long enough you can often overcome the little nuances that made other people give up. The other side of that coin is, if you have enough flexibility to realize what you are doing might not be optimal, you might be set free enough to find some way you can thrive even more.

Create Your Perfect Diet By Fine Tuning What You’ve Learned To Your Needs!

I love to hear these great insights from the people who have dug deep to find answers for themselves and others to live better. I will continue my quest; and with the knowledge I have attained, I will be free from the dogma’s of anyone, including myself. That’s a perfect diet!

It’s an amazing revelation to realize you don’t have to keep searching frantically for the truth; that you can relax a little knowing you’ve searched enough to have a good clue about what your doing, and how to listen to your body better. The subtle distinctions set in motion by that thought alone are enough to make your health even better.

To your version of a perfect diet,

Sye Rodriguez

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