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What Can 2 Weeks In The Gym Do For You?

Gym Vs Home Workouts

I’ve recently spent 2 weeks in the gym to see if it’s a worthy investment of my time, and I documented it so you can see 1st hand what’s possible.

The Bottom Line About Gym Workouts

2 weeks is not a long enough to see an amazing transformation, But… it is GOOD for getting yourself acquainted with a number of exercises, whether you do them with free weights or machines.

If you’re not used to the Gym, it can be very inspiring to your body.  You can do enough different types of training to really inspire specific muscle groups, which motivates you to continue working out.

It’s easy to gage progress, because you know what amount of weight your working with from one day to the next, and you’ll definitely be able to increase your strength.

The Gym is great for injury recovery exercises:

Because you can isolate muscles so specifically with different types of equipment, you can strengthen weak areas of your body without putting much stress on injuries.

I have an injury I’ve been working on recovering from, and the gym definitely helped me recover a little.  But beware…

You can easily injure yourself by pushing to hard.  Advance slowly.

Is The Gym Worth It?

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, the gym can be great.  Based on this short experience, I know you can completely transform yourself, and build some confidence at the same time.

Having so many different types of equipment to choose from makes finding something inspiring to your body pretty simple.  As you probably know, it’s good to change up your routine, and give yourself plenty of time to recover before pushing the same parts of your body again, and the many options in the gym make it pretty simple to come up with a routine.

As for myself, Although I liked the Gym and I’ll probably go back at some point, I love doing workouts outside of the gym, and I’m inspired to go back to those, with a new inspiration, and some great insights.

Thanks for reading here and watching my videos.  Let me know if this was helpful to you, and what your experience in the gym has been.

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