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Vegan Hot Chocolate And Our Main Vegan Meal Today

Looking For A Vegan Treat Or New Vegan Meal Idea?

I hope this video inspires you to eat more plant based foods.

Today is day 7 of a 21 Day Challenge where I share with you as uninhibited as possible.

Today I was having a treat that’s controversial in some of the Vegan circles I follow.

Vegan Hot Chocolate.

As you may know from other videos I’ve done, Chocolate can have high amounts of cadmium and lead, even if it’s organic.

For that reason, and it’s a stimulant, I don’t have it regularly.  But…. It sure is a lot better for you than a lot of things you could be putting in your body.

We also enjoyed a typical special vegan brunch.  Potatoes, Tofu Scramble, Garlic Bread.  Hopefully the way we eat this meal is something new and inspiring.

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Wishing you great health. ( -:

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