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The Organic Adventure Show Returns


organic-adventure-showOrganic Adventure Show

It’s all about Health, Freedom, and The Internet

God is the most important thing to me; For my own sake.

Health requires God for it to be optimal. You can ask for proof, and I won’t be able to give it to you; It’s something you experience yourself.

The Organic Adventure Show

Originally I was inspired to share with you. I knew I was passionate about health, and I was excited to share. I believed I could make a living sharing with you, but I had no idea how this internet lifestyle worked.


I never liked being told what to do, and I desire to be free, very strongly. Freedom is a tough word to define, but being FREE is good, so we’ll stick to that for now.


The internet is amazing and it has been and is changing lives dramatically. Through the internet, a new playing field has been opened. Information is abundant.

Now there are information wars; Not that there weren’t before, but the information wars are more in your face with the internet.

The Organic Adventure Show:

Health, Freedom, the Internet

My wife, Csilla, she told me to call the Internet part something cooler, like Digital Media, but for me I’m not sure if that term gives the appropriate understanding.

The internet… Now that is something big.

So I’m inviting you to join me on the Organic Adventure Show, where we’ll be opening the world of Health, Freedom and the Internet UP like never before.

Join me if you DARE! : )

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