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The Dark Side Of Dark Chocolate Nobody’s Been Talking About Until Now

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

I’m sure you want to know what could possibly be bad about Dark Chocolate.  After all, the media has been going crazy about how great dark chocolate is for you for several years now.

Being around the Raw Food Crew for many years, I learned that Chocolate was the Food Of The Gods, and that it might be one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods.  I also learned from other people into Raw Food, that there might be another side to chocolate that was not so good.

The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Although I have consumed a rather large amount of chocolate in the form of Raw Cacao Powder or Nibs at times, I always wondered if it was really good for me.  The more I consumed the more I felt addicted.

I also felt overstimulated by chocolate at times, and I often felt like I didn’t feel as good as when I didn’t consume it; I especially noticed the withdrawals I’d have for a few days every time I’d decide to go without it for awhile.

What I’ve probably noticed the most regarding chocolate consumption, is how much better I start to feel after I haven’t had it for awhile.

I suspected that it was the theobromine or the caffeine in the chocolate that might be contributing to my Not So Good feeling related to it’s consumption, but I now suspect it might have been something much worse about the chocolate.

Recent studies have shown many chocolate products, including Organic Raw Cacao products to have high amounts of Cadmium and Lead.

Both Cadmium and Lead are seriously bad for you and although some cacao sources that were tested had a very small amount of these heavy metals, many of them contained considerable amounts of Lead and Cadmium.

I’m not trying to scare you away from Chocolate, but I think it’s worth your consideration to learn more about the chocolate products you eat, and make sure you’re not hurting yourself.

Now the average person who consumes a little chocolate every once in awhile might not need to concern themselves, but if you’ve been consuming a lot of chocolate because you believed it was good for you, you might want to think again, and at least know which Cacao products are the safer ones if you’re going to continue consuming it in any considerable amount.

What are the harmful effects of Lead and Cadmium?

Lead can cause problems with your bones, kidneys, heart and nervous system.  It’s particularly bad for children because it causes interference with nervous system development which can cause learning challenges in addition to other undesirable effects.

Cadmium can cause serious damage to the kidneys and cause your bones to become soft and lose density.  In addition Cadmium is linked to skin disorders and cardiovascular problems.

Do You Need To Be Concerned If You Consume A Lot Of Cacao (Chocolate)?

The specific chocolate you’re consuming is what makes the biggest difference.  Mike Adams has a list of a number of Cacao Products with details of which ones had more and less cadmium and lead.

It does make a difference if you consume a lot of chocolate, and you also consume coffee and smoke cigarettes, because coffee and cigarettes also deposit more cadmium in your body.

I hope you enjoyed this and I didn’t ruin your day if you’re a chocolate lover.

Please share your thoughts about Lead and Cadmium in Chocolate in the comments section below.

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