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See Earthing Work


This post is meant to show you that earthing is real and give you visual proof of the fact.  In case you need to learn about what earthing is there is plenty of information on this website to give you the full picture.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Shop Earthing.comThere are some videos on this page with Clint Ober, the author of Earthing, demonstrating exactly how earthing works.  He uses a couple of tools you can find at your local hardware store to show us the reality of the invisible electrical frequencies.

After you’ve got to see the electrical frequencies he hooks a scope ( spectrum analyzer) up to his computer and then to Dr. Mercola so you can see the actual frequency Mercola and anyone else in most places indoors are being zapped with.

At the moment Mercola touches the earthing universal mat (earthing mat) the frequency immediately drops.  The frequency in the room is still there.  Clint Ober explains how the electrons from the earth com through the grounding mat (earthing mat) into the body of the person touching it.

The electrons have a pushing effect on the electrical field.  This is why you are protected from those electrical frequencies when you are grounded.  I hope you enjoy the videos demonstrating Earthing below.  Clint knows his stuff.  He’s been Earthing people to help them be more healthy for years.

In these videos you’ll be able to clearly see how earthing works.

You can learn all about Earthing through the audio link below.

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