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Earthing Benefits You

Earthing Benefits You

Earthing BenefitsBy Earthing yourself, “you restore your bodies natural electric state.”  This is a quote taken from the book Earthing by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker.  But why is it of any consequence and what does it mean to restore your bodies natural electric state, you might ask?  That’s what we are about to explore.

You may have already heard about earthing products and your just wondering if Earthing is real; Does it really do what you’ve heard?  Maybe Earthing is something completely new to you.  In any case, I recommend listening to a free audio of the groundbreaking book Earthing.  I’ll share that link to listen free in just a minute here.  Whatever you have heard about Earthing there is one fact that is indisputable.

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Understanding Earthing Benefits

Earthing changes the state of your blood.  It’s no small change either.  When you get yourself grounded your blood gains Zeta Potential.  Very basically speaking, zeta potential is electric potential.  For almost all of the un grounded subjects, whose blood was observed under a microscope, their red blood cells were clumping together.

When these same people were grounded for as little as 30 minutes their blood completely changed.  You could see the shape of the red blood cells, as they no longer clumped together, and they bounced off of each other.  This is zeta potential in action and something we know for sure about the power of earthing.  What’s good about this change in the behavior of the blood is the health consequences.

After Earthing your blood is thinner; Having thinner blood you benefit from better circulation, which means better nutrient delivery to all of your bodies cells, among other things.

Another one of the benefits of Earthing, reported all the time, is a reduction of pain.  Clint Ober discovered how effective Earthing was at reducing paint, almost by accident.  He was on a visit to a woman’s house who was in very bad condition as a result of serious arthritis.  Clint intended to measure the electrical charge of her body and she couldn’t even hold a small tester for him to read the charge off of.

He attached an electrode to her to get the reading and the other end to a grounded wire.  While he was setting things up she said the pain in her was significantly less and wanted him to put the electrode on the other arm.  He did as she asked and in a relatively short period of time she was feeling far less pain in the other arm as well.  Clint was so excited, he contacted all of his acquaintances with arthritis and other painful conditions to see if he could repeat the experiment.

Everyone who participated in Clint’s experiment claimed the same thing; a rapid reduction of pain.  This is only one little experiment of many that have shown the power of Earthing on those experiencing it.  There are many other health benefits that people experience consistently as a result of being grounded.  Sleeping better and feeling generally more healthy and rested are a couple of them.  Another significant benefit of Earthing is it’s ability to reduce inflammation in the people who are grounded.

Inflammation is a normal response to injuries, irritants and pathogens, as stated in Earthing.  It’s chronic inflammation that is harmful and leads to electron deficiency.  When your body is electron deficient free radicals have no free electrons to bond with and cause more damage to your body.  This is where Earthing Comes to the rescue.  When a person is grounded the body is flooded with a limitless supply of free electrons which bond with and neutralize free radicals.  You probably know what antioxidants are.  These free electrons provided by the earth are antioxidants and they help to reduce inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is associated with countless diseases.  You can begin to understand the implications that the practice of Earthing has on health.  The understanding of why Earthing reduces chronic inflammation is something like this: The body is almost constantly repairing itself or fighting some type of pathogen.  As a result of this normal biology the inflammatory response occurs.

The problem with this normal biology is the body doesn’t have enough free electrons to neutralize the free radicals after they’ve done their work, so the free radicals continue to cause damage, generating an immune response; and the inflammation becomes chronic.  The endless supply of free electrons received by the person practicing earthing remedies this situation; reducing the inflammation. (This is a summary from earthing about the inflammatory response and Earthing.)

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You’ll also find a list of frequently asked questions about Earthing and earthing products that will help you to get a more in depth understanding of the benefits of Earthing.

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