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Secret Banana Papaya Smoothie Recipe Revealed

This Papaya Smoothie Is For You!

If you were looking for a YUMMY papaya smoothie recipe, you came to the right spot.  This secret recipe was only a secret for about 2 days, as I had to let you in on it.

You can make this banana papaya smoothie a number of ways, and I’ve outlined the 2 ways I’ve tried recently here.

One way I’ve made this smoothie is like a pudding and the other is more like a drink.

The Drink Papaya Banana Smoothie – As Seen In The Video

Take about 1 Pound Of Ripe Papaya, and scoop it into your High Powered Blender.  Add two Medium Ripe Bananas and Approximately 2 Cups of Water.

Blend on high until SUPER smooth.  Pour into a cup and drink it up.  Mmm.

Papaya Banana Yum Pudding

Scoop about 1/2 pound RIPE Papaya into your High Powered Blender.  PEEL 5 MediumsBanana Papaya Smoothie Sized Ripe Bananas and put them into your Blender; The Peeling Step is important. (:

Add about 1 cup of water for STARTERS, and blend until CREAMY.  You can add a little more water if you don’t want it to be as thick.  Yummy.

When summer comes I’m going to add some Ice to The MIX.  I bet that’s real good too.

Please let me know if you like these Banana Papaya Smoothies Below.  Have a better one?  Feel free to share that here too.

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