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Personal Wellness Programming 101

What Is Being Healthy?

On my journey, I’ve learned that being healthy is about a lot more than what I eat.  It’s true that eating does play a major role in health, and it’s also true that WHAT I eat is not the only thing about EATING that matters.

It’s also important to consider how much I eat, when I eat, how frequently I eat and what foods I eat with others when it comes to Eating.

Being Healthy is about refinement.

The first refinement involves the stoping of what is hurting me.  Am I putting harmful substances into my body?  Am I beating myself up mentally all of the time? Am I sleeping only a few hours per night?

I’ve noticed great changes in my health from stopping the abuse alone.  So that’s the first thing to consider.  What are YOU doing that is hurting you?

I’ve stopped drinking coffee and using marijuana.  If I find myself putting myself down with my thoughts, I remind myself that I love myself No Matter What?

I’ve realized that loving myself No Matter What is one of the greatest things I can do for my health.  This simple reminder to myself that I am important, and loved by me, no matter what, helps me to think more clearly and make better choices for myself.

Why should you love yourself no matter what?

If you have kids, this is something that is easy to understand.  You know that no matter what your kids do or become, you are going to love them.  It’s not their choices that make you love them.  You just Love Them.  This is unconditional love.  You may be angry with your children, but you don’t stop loving them just because you are angry.

I’ve realized I have to love myself the same way.  I’ve noticed that there is a voice that wants to kill me, and from what I’ve learned about others, it seems most people know the voice I’m talking about.

That voice that is against you is never satisfied with you for more than a short period of time.  It’s as if that voice expects you to be perfect; and if you are not, it starts to tear you down.  What’s worse about what that voice expects of you is related to where those standards of perfect came from.  Where did those standards for your perfect behavior come from any way?

Some people say it’s about programming; That we’ve been programmed our whole lives to be a certain way.  But where is that programming coming from?  This makes it easier to understand why we are in pain.

We’ve got…

  • parental programming
  • religious programming
  • government programming, including the school system
  • marketing channels
  • and other media programming to start with.

What if those programming channels that are telling us how to behave are giving us contradictory messages?  What if they are in serious conflict with each other?

Thinking from this perspective, it’s easy to see how these programs can be a recipe for disaster if we don’t ever realize how much influence they have on us.

So we’ve got all these programs influencing us, that started when we first came into the world, or maybe in our mothers womb; before we had an awareness of, or any level of understanding that would allow us to critically think about anything, not to mention whether or not these programs being uploaded into our consciousness were beneficial or not.

So here we are with all of these conflicting ideas of how we should be, and at some point we find ourselves frustrated at the very least, and possibly even feeling like we are crazy.  So we turn all of this anger and frustration inwards and blame ourselves, telling ourselves we are not good enough, or that we are horrible, or a loser, or a complete idiot.

No wonder things get confusing for us.  No wonder we feel like we are going crazy sometimes.  No wonder a you can feel unhealthy, even when you are doing a number of things to be healthy.

So what’s the answer for being more healthy in terms of dealing with all of the programming we have been exposed to?

For starters, all we have to do is realize we’ve been getting all of this programming.  It’s part of the healing process to accept the reality of our condition.  So what’s the next step?

We must start to RE-PROGRAM ourselves.  We can do this by filtering the information we allow into ourselves.  We can decide to turn off the TV, or at least listen to the TV very selectively.  I like Netflix because I can see the show without the advertisements.

Here’s something interesting to think about.  I learned that the advertisements on the TV are considered the TV programming and the shows people watch are considered the filler.  I find it interesting that the Ad Content is actually called programming.  It does make sense though.

Advertisers want to program you to buy their stuff.  It’s not hard to understand and I don’t blame them for trying to do this.  In this world people need to make money and to make money a product or service has to be bought.

Right now I’m putting out my program and I’m hoping you’ll buy it.  Even if you’re not paying for what I’m writing or speaking about, I’m hoping what I’m saying is of some value to you, so you’ll spread it around and we’ll change the world for the better, and maybe I can make a living through my programs.

So programming is not necessarily a problem.  It’s critically thinking about the type of programming you want for yourself.  Does the programming set you free or imprison you?  Are you consciously programming yourself for success in your life?  Will you create your personal wellness program?

Please share you comments and criticisms below.  I Love to read them.

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