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It Movie Review By Film Flame

Stephen Kings It Movie Review For The 2017 Version

If you’re into Horror Films of  the Scary Movie Genre, I bet you’re wondering if the new It Movie is worth heading out to the Movies for?

Let me give you the details here to help you decide.

Was IT Entertaining?

Yes, it’s set in the 80’s and the time period is captured very well.  Jump Scares and Quality Filming with a good story line and the Freaky Pennywise Clown, it’s a full blown Summer Organic Popcorn Movie.

Is IT Good For Kids?

You’ll have to use your own judgment but it is Rated R, and the crude language and adult references aren’t something I’d want to expose young kids to.

The upside is there’s no nudity or actual sex scenes, just crude language used by kids in the movie.

Was IT Scary?

Yes, IT was Scary, but NOT Evil “Conjuring 2” Or “Annabelle 2” Scary.  It’s more FREAKY Scary, and Jump Scary.  The character Pennywise is so over the top, he’s more of a Funny Crazy Scary, kind of like something out of the Evil Dead movie.

The bottom line is, the movie is entertaining enough to spend the 2 hour 15 minute run time watching it.

I’m giving the IT Movie 4 out of 5 stars.


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