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Merry Christmas Poem

Originally Posted 12/24/2010

I’ve got a hunch.

Am I a narcissist; a sociopath?

Have I been trying to fool everyone and make them think I am some good person?

It’s not exactly like that, although the thoughts feel a little true.

Who am I; Am I much different than you?  I wouldn’t think so at first thought, then I’d think maybe, then I think maybe not.

I want to sell you something, I know this is true.  I want it to be valuable for me and for you.

Am I conniving?  Am I a con?  Have I been dishonest to get my game on?

Yes it’s all true, but not like first thought?

There’s something much deeper about this wretched lot.

Sometimes I’m a genius and sometimes I’m not.

So are you so different, I just have to ask.

I’ve read that intelligence is knowing others.

So maybe I’m not.

Who thinks these thoughts, and tells them out loud.

Who thinks these thoughts, then writes them down.

Who sings these words for everyone to hear.

I’m the one baby!  Do you still want to hear?

Have I just fallen?  That can’t be so.

If I have fallen I’m the one who’d know.

I can’t say I’m happy to put down these words.

But some place inside me just needs to be heard.

It’s all about me’s what I’m thinking right now.

Can that really be so?  Not true’s what I say.

I love all of you, just in a different way.

A different way than I’d think you’d be thinking.

And for the rhyme’s sake, No.  I haven’t been drinking.

I haven’t been drinking alcohol, that is.

But some tea.  That’s why right now I’m a wiz.

I’ve played all the roles that you’ve wanted me to play.

I tried not to play them but I did it anyway.

I wanted to be who you wanted me to.

I tried it so hard, but I just can’t be 2.

Maybe it’s why I’m writing this today.

To see if there’s someone who feels the same way.

Maybe it’s everyone; How would I know?

Not everyone shares what they feel in their soul.

What does this all mean?  I’ll let you be the judge.

It’s time to set my soul free from the sludge.

I hope it’s not selfish in a bad sort of way

It’s something that just wouldn’t wait one more day.

The only excuse I have for myself is a man who died on a cross somewhere else.

In a reality that takes only faith to believe.

By Sye Rodriguez December 2010


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