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Lessons From A 30 Day Physical Play And Running Challenge

What Can You Gain From A Running Challenge?

If you are into doing things that help you to grow, A challenge like this will definitely help.  I’m going to share what I’ve learned from doing this challenge myself, in the hope that it inspires you on some level.  I hope it will help you to do more of what you want to do.

I guess that’s the first lesson I learned.  Doing this challenge I improved my run time greatly and I’m inspired to continue with other challenges.  So there’s the first lesson.

It Will Inspire You!

The second great thing this Running Challenge reenforced is

Everything Gets Easier With Practice.

That’s right.  Of course you know it’s true, but when you first start a new challenge it might be very difficult, and it may be hard for you to imagine you could improve greatly.

On my first run, I ran pretty casually and it took me 7 minutes and 52 seconds to run a mile.  It was humbling, as I have relatives that can run close to a 5 minute mile, and nephews that can do a mile in under 6 minutes.

On my second run I pushed myself a little and got my time down to 6 minutes 58 seconds.

My Best Mile Time In The Last 30 Days was 6 minutes 35 seconds.  That’s 1 minute and 17 seconds better than my first mile time.  Now I KNOW I’m going to beat my best time soon, because it’s getting easier to go faster.

So What’s The Most Valuable Lesson From This Running Challenge?

You Are Powerful.  Full Of Power!

When you consistently challenge yourself and keep your commitments to yourself, you’ll realize how much power you truly have.

Whatever you want to do is waiting for you to do it; and the person you become along the way will make you feel GOOD about yourself.

Everybody has time.  You may be busy, but the average person spends about 80% of their time doing the things that matter the least, and 20% of their time doing the things that matter the most.

If you make conscious choices to do things you want to, or even NEED to do, you can get out of the trap most of us fall into.  It might not be easy, but it is very rewarding.

How Has This Challenge Changed Me?

I feel like I came back to life.  I’ve been doing little challenges for awhile now, and those things have helped me gain the confidence to do other things.

This running and physical play challenge was one that pushed me a little more out of my comfort zone than the other challenges, and it has truly changed my life.  Measuring my change has inspired me to beat myself and I want to keep playing this GAME.

My wife told me I seem like a completely different person, In a GOOD way.  I see that too.  I look forward to the morning more consistently.  I’m more READY to go do what I need and want to do.  I’m more inspired to do what is good for myself and others.

Of course I’ve got a long way to go, and that’s why I’m going to keep on RUNNING.

Did you challenge yourself recently?  Do you have something to say about this running and physical play challenge?  Please share YOUR thoughts on this page.

Here’s The Link To The First Post About The Running Challenge.

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